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Welcome to GTEN.org!

GTEN.org is a member-based website. We invite you to become a member. GTEN.org members learn the methods, principles, trust structures and operating tools for profound transformation of the ways in which they operate, both individually and for the collective good. By functioning effectively in well-crafted private express trusts, empowered with conscious creation and unalienable rights, and secure in the only truly private form of organization for asset protection, our members create a legacy of freedom and opportunity. We're glad you found us. Welcome to our world.

GTEN is a private not-for-profit trust organization comprised of a network of individuals serving the common good through trusteeship of private and charitable trusts organized for educational, literary, scientific and spiritual purposes, to lessen the burden of governments, to defend and promote rights and freedom, and to actively assist in the sound, sustainable, enlightened evolution of mankind for a world that works for all life. The collective expertise of the network of individuals comprising the Global Trust Education Network is shared with GTEN.org members through online webinars, selected reading materials and trust formation documents. For more information, please explore the content behind the buttons to the right. 



August 4, 2023 : "What is Sovereignty & Why it’s more relevant than Ever" ? Christian of GTEN joins Paul Seils of CIN

New GTEN study group for Australians! Email us if you're interested in joining the Aussie study group.


January 2023 : Status Update

The past several years have kept us busy with the creation of Origin Trust Foundation and a new digital currency. If things are starting to look a little dated here at GTEN.org and on our GTENtrustees YouTube channel, that's why. At some point we'll probably give this site a facelift. But since the content is great in the courses, we haven't prioritized a remodel of this site yet.

GTEN is very active these days, as privacy, freedom, rights and financial well-being are ever-growing concerns for many people (those paying attention) in these extraordinary times. We welcome new GTEN members all the time, and we're here to fully support you. If you have any questions, you can reach our trustees directly using the 'contact us' tab. We look forward to hearing from you anytime.


October 30, 2020 : Status Update

We’ve had an extraordinarily busy couple years, and I’m happy to say we’re ready to show you what we’ve been doing. In addition to GTEN.org, we have now developed: 

• Origin Trust Foundation (origintrust.org). A not-for-profit research institute whose intention is to help reframe, rethink and redesign our civilization’s ways, turning our species towards a conscientious, regenerative future. 
• The MINER token A utility crypto-token that tokenizes the service of gold mining. We mine gold for you, on demand. Each MINER token represents one minute of mining labor at North American gold mines. When a token holder redeems tokens, we mine, refine and deliver 24 karat gold bars directly to the member, and tokens can also be traded for cryptocurrencies. 100 percent of the profits from Miner are pledged to fund and support Origin Trust Foundation and The Miner Network. MINER is now live!, and we invite you, the GTEN community, to acquire MINER tokens pre-launch, before we market them to the world. 

As for GTEN, all course content is current and relevant, and we fully support all courses and members. We haven't been active with dynamic content on our YouTube channel or our site for a couple years because we've been super busy putting what we preach into practice for a path forward for humanity.

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June 23, 2015 : Commercial Credit Fast-Track announced

We're pleased to announce the creation of a new course for GTEN.org, Commercial Credit Fast-Track.


"In this course we will show how to build corporate credit, step by step, in a fraction of the time it takes most companies to become lendable--and in a fraction of the time it takes to restore damaged personal credit...

We've already begun creating the course. Access for registered participants will open on the forum in late fall, 2015. Register now for the best value, as the donation levels will rise throughout the summer until we reach the full donation amount at launch.

Complete course description >>

June 10, 2015 : Natural Cancer Cures


We've recently learned that one of our own GTEN family has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at age 48. His doctors give him 6 months without treatment or 2 years with chemotherapy. That's not acceptable, and it's incorrect, given there are an estimated 400+ known naturopathic cancer treatments, many of which work better than chemo, and we're confident that some combination of them will effectively treat and eliminate the disease. We're all one degree of separation, at most, from somebody with cancer. We can no longer afford the dogma of the AMA, bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. It's time we get the facts straight for everyone's benefit.


March 3, 2015 : Bad Cop, No Donut

New Trust Fund Holds Officers Accountable for Excessive Force
By Bill Dunn

The Ferguson tragedy, the deaths of Mike Brown, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner, the indictment of 18 Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies by the FBI for excessive force, the resignation of L.A. Sheriff LeRoy Baca in the wake of countless police brutality charges, the imprisonment of L.A. Sheriff’s deputies for interfering with police brutality case witnesses… Incidents of excessive force and cover-up lead today's news stories nationwide. Too often, the offenders go untried and unpunished due to a lack of financial resources for victims to pursue just retribution in court. But this may be changing, thanks to a new crowdfunding campaign.

The Global Trust Education Network (GTEN), an organization that teaches natural rights, freedom and trusts, has begun to help victims of police brutality fight their cases in court and help establish economic and racial justice. The Trustees of GTEN have created a private trust fund to assist victims in bringing their excessive force cases to trial, and they are crowdfunding the trust fund through Indiegogo with a campaign called Bad Cop No Donut (http://igg.me/at/badcop).


September 24, 2014 : D.I.Y. Trusts & Non-Profits

Do you have an idea for a charity or need to set up a trust? The Global Trust Education Network (GTEN), an educator of private individuals, trustees and directors of not-for-profit organizations, announced this week the public launch of the GTEN Forum, a free online community resource to discuss topics such as natural law, organic laws, rights, freedom, commerce, contracts, trusts, asset protection, non-profits, consciousness and conscious creation.

The new GTEN Forum is free online at GTEN.org/forum. The goal of GTEN.org is to provide both the know-how and the network for the awake and aware to accomplish meaningful change.


September 23, 2014 : Administrative Justice announced

The next live GTEN webinar series is scheduled for January:  Administrative Justice, the Power of Contractual Due Process. Sign up now to reserve a spot at the lowest cost.

Establish disputed facts privately by administrative process, disqualify debt collectors, void a driver's license or other contract ab initio, void traffic tickets, eliminate court appearances, obtain private adjudication of any controversy, and enforce any agreement. Click the link below for full details.


July 28, 2014 : Member launch of the GTEN Forum, a free online community resource!

We are thrilled to announce the soft launch of the GTEN Forum, our newest online resource!
The GTEN Forum is a free meeting place to discuss a wide range of topics related to consciousness, natural law, the organic laws, rights, freedom, sovereignty, commerce, contracts, trusts, asset protection, conscious creation, healthy living and the like. It features both public and private discussion forums in a robust, searchable format that will form a large knowledge base and a valuable resource for an enlightened community.
Visit GTEN.org/forum and interact with knowledgeable trustees of private trusts, savvy practitioners of freedom, and conscious creators of meaningful change for a world that works for all life.
There's no cost to use the GTEN Forum. Come ask questions, post your knowledge, meet others who share your understandings and be a part of the Global Trust Education Network online community at GTEN.org/forum!
May 21, 2014 : @evolvefest and @gtentrustees discuss the GTEN Forum
Listen to May 21, 2014 Talkshoe Recording on YouTube


January 28, 2014 : Tomorrow's webinar: Living Free of the System
We have a special guest for you tomorrow evening, Eric, a most valued member of the GTEN network. Together we will engage in a comprehensive breakdown of the subjects of lawful money and the income tax as intended by the Organic Laws and Congress and as interpreted through the eyes of the Supreme Court. Each member will learn whether or not the income tax is constitutional, how it works and whether or not it rightly applies to you.
As always, tomorrow night's session will be video recorded for those with scheduling conflicts.

January 3, 2014 : Season's greetings

Last season's fruit is eaten 
And the fullfed beast shall kick the empty pail. 
For last year's words belong to last year's language 
And next year's words await another voice.
-T.S. Eliot, from Little Gidding
May the language and voice of the new year create new possibilities and new wonder. The stories of the past and stories of the future are just that--story. By living in the present we find truth.
Thank you for your support and engagement. All the best to you and yours in the new year. 

October 31, 2013: GTEN on Humanity Transcending

Tune in for a GTEN trustees PJ and Christian on the Humanity Transcending show on Revolution Radio tomorrow, Thursday Oct 31, 9am PT, 12pm-2pm EST. We'll be discussing Living Free of the System, our upcoming webinar series. 


October 18, 2013 : Trust Indenture Workshop III announced

We are pleased to announce the rescheduled webinar date for the free additional 8th webinar of Private Trust Education.

Trust Indenture Workshop, Part III (Revised Indenture)
The Capacity of a Free Inhabitant
October 23, 2013 at 5pm PT, 8pm ET 

The new revised GTEN sample indenture is available in the Member Portal under Private Trust Education Webinar 6. Please download it, read it carefully and prepare any questions you might have for the upcoming webinar.
This webinar is a free update for all Private Trust Education students, past and present. We look forward to sharing information that brings both the trust indenture and the understanding current for 2014.

September 16, 2013:  Big Island Talks announced



July 24, 2013:     Independent review of the Right to Travel webinar 

Awakening to Our Inherent, Unalienable Rights 
A Commentary on GTEN's Right to Travel Webinar Series
by Humanity Transcending

"We have to know what we can do in order to do what we can do... "As we awaken the first thing we need to know is our Rights..." - Right to Travel Webinar, GTEN

Enrollment in GTEN's Right to Travel webinar has yielded much clarity for me. Bringing case law and code side by side for comparison allows me to see for myself the stark distinctions between a right and a privilege, between the words and terms of the code versus the words and terms of rights.

This comprehensive, finely detailed and inspiring webinar is just part of an exquisite ongoing series of educational offerings from Global Trust Education Network. Other webinar series' include the Private Trust Education, Trust Web Structures, Living Free of the System and Exempt Organizations.

June 28, 2013:    Trust Web Structures to Begin July 17

The next GTEN webinar series, Trust Web Structures, originally scheduled to begin July 10, 2013, has been rescheduled to start Wednesday July 17, 2013 at 5pm PT, 8pm ET. Please forgive us for the slight delay. As some may know, we are presently assisting one of our members in brushing back the encroaching police state by means of a federal law suit against certain law enforcement officers and county officials for violations of constitutionally protected rights. It turns out our original start date for Trust Web Structures is now also a critical court date in that federal case, so we've postponed the webinar series one week. Meanwhile, please check the Trust Web Structures section of the Member Portal for the homework for the first webinar and save the date, July 17. See you then!

June 19, 2013:    New Member Special Offer Announced!

Check out our Special Offers.  In there you will find a new offer we've put together just for our many new members. The New Member Special Offer gives you the opportunity to experience our upcoming live webinar Trust Web Structures for free if you register for Private Trust Education. We believe strongly that the Private Trust Education Series is the best place to start if you're new to GTEN.org. With Private Trust Education you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to set up and operate a private express trust, with the trust indenture and all the needed documents provided. Then with Trust Web Structures you'll gain the understanding of how to operate from that private position out into the public.

June 18, 2013:    Trust Web Structures series begins July 10

Exempt Organizations has wrapped. Thank you to all who participated in that webinar series. Our next webinar series, Trust Web Structures begins July 10. 



more GTEN News  >>



April 1, 2013 : GTEN announces Project Pay-It-Forward!

logo200x200     Project Pay-It-Forward  


We're excited to announce Project Pay-It-Forward, GTEN's new donation model to maximize the benefit of GTEN and all donations GTEN receives. From this point forward, all donations will benefit not only GTEN and the donor but also another individual of the donor's choosing. Here's how it works:

When you donate to GTEN for one or more of our offerings, your registration is free, and your donation pays it forward for a new member of your choosing to join us in the same offering along with you. Just send us an email within 2 days of donating that gives us the name, email address, city and state of your chosen additional member, as well as the offering you registered for, and we will send a welcome email to the new member showing his or her membership and registration as a gift from you and providing login, password and details for GTEN.org.

We want to set an example of giving. With Project Pay-It-Forward, we give you your membership and registration for free whenever you give membership and registration to someone else. You can't buy anything. You can't even donate for yourself. But when you give for someone else, you get it for free.

Your invited new member must be a NEW member. That is, it must be an individual who has never been a member of GTEN.org. The idea is to expand the knowledge into the global community on a pay-it-forward basis.

We trust this will inspire and encourage you to give in all ways in your life. Our intention from the beginning has been to give more than we receive. We feel blessed to be able to offer Project Pay-It-Forward for everything we do from now on.



Please help us continue our mission. Donate $10, $20, $40 or more here.  Thank you! 


Living Free of the System, A Guide to Private Banking in Lawful Money, #livingfree #gten, Every time people engage the banking system with legal tender, invisible contracts are voluntarily affirmed, and the rights of people are converted to privileges of artificial persons under federal jurisdiction. Not only are your rights at issue, but such engagement is the root cause--the trigger--of personal income tax liability., #livingfree #gten, This webinar series begins with a thorough walk-through of the pertinent Organic Laws and Supreme Court rulings, with reliance on no other sources or lesser opinions, to disclose and prove the truth about the income tax. We will definitively demonstrate what the income tax is and prove what it is not according to the Supreme Court. We will show that the income tax is in fact legal (contrary to the erroneous claims of many tax protesters), but that the income tax is not at all what it appears to be. It is not your receipt of money that is being taxed, you have a constitutional right to earn a living without tax, and your earned money is not taxable if you know how to bank without converting your labor to elastic currency, which is a taxable privilege and the event that triggers the income tax., Once you understand what the income tax is, and what it is not, we will examine the currency, once again through a study of Supreme Court decisions. Once the income tax and the currency are fully understood, we will demonstrate a simple, field tested, lawful solution: income tax non-obligation by banking in lawful money., #livingfree #gten, This course is for anyone who wants to learn to bank without entering the federal forum jurisdiction, work without a legal income tax obligation and live without compromising your assets and freedom. This information is applicable to any natural person, whether a private trust or an individual, and you do not need to have studied with us in the past to understand this material., #livingfree #gten, Understand the income tax:, The 16th Amendment - did it expand the government's power of taxation?, Supreme Court rulings - the nature of the income tax, What is the basis for income tax liability?, The truth about the income tax, Understand money:, Currency (elastic and inelastic) , Legal tender, Federal Reserve Notes, Lawful money, Coin money, Commodity, Bank in lawful money (income tax non-obligated):, Deposit checks, Write checks, Withdraw cash, Spend cash, Pay bills, Block bank accounts from attachment by other parties, Trust accounts, Special deposits, Get paid in lawful money (income tax non-obligated):, Employment without using an SSN, Independent contracting without using an SSN, The government employment forms (I-9, W-4, 1099, etc.), Investment accounts and investment returns in lawful money, #livingfree, , #gten, Trust, Sustainability, Freedom, Unalienable rights, Privacy, Asset protection, Full accountability, Intentional living: the science of manifestation, Collaboration: co-creating the new paradigm, Questions to ponder:, Do you have concerns about the future of our economy and governance?, Dollar devaluation?, Hyperinflation?, Excess taxation?, Economic collapse?, An encroaching police state?, Linear consumption-waste as the basis for growth?, The war machine?, How do you stand on your rights?, How do you protect your earnings and assets?, How do you create something worthwhile in the current environment?, Given the mess we've created to date, how do we best move forward?, What are the specific tools to accomplish the goals at hand?, , About the Global Trust Education Network:, GTEN is a private not-for-profit trust organization comprised of a network of individuals serving the common good through trusteeship of private and charitable trusts organized for educational, literary, scientific and spiritual purposes, to lessen the burden of governments, to defend and promote rights and freedom, and to actively assist in the sound, sustainable, enlightened evolution of mankind for a world that works for all life., GTEN.org began producing comprehensive online educational seminars in the spring of 2012, starting with the Private Trust Education series. Since then, other series include the topics Right to Travel, Exempt Organizations, Trust Web Structures, and Living Free of the System: a Guide to Private Banking in Lawful Money. The trustees of GTEN look to continually expand the reach of GTEN's message through the internet, radio, festivals and unique events like the coming talks in Hawaii this November., GTEN.org members learn the methods, principles, trust structures and operating tools for profound transformation of the ways in which they operate, both individually and for the collective good. By functioning effectively in trust, empowered with conscious creation and unalienable rights, secure in the only truly private form of organization for asset protection, GTEN.org members create a legacy of freedom and opportunity., #gten, study of law, commerce, the history of capitalism, the history of the democracy, the origins of money, the creation of true value, scientific knowledge, experiential truth, and the science of consciousness. focus on the discovery, establishment and teaching of effective and efficient methods and systems to correct the path of mankind for a sustainable future. , #gten, #privatetrust #gten, GTEN Private Trust Education, Series of 8 Recorded Seminars,, Reading Materials & Trust Documents, #privatetrust #gten, Many people these days have gained a little knowledge about trusts or even a theoretical understanding of them, enough to see some important reasons to operate in trust but not enough yet to do it competently or with confidence. A few people possess a great deal of knowledge about trusts, and they wouldn't operate any other way. Our goal is to move our members from the former category to the latter, so we created the GTEN Private Trust Education program to do it., #privatetrust #gten, In these 7 recorded videos we share the concepts and source material for effective trusteeship to enable each participant to act with confidence going forward in trust., #privatetrust #gten, We share both our foundational research sources and our private express trust indenture. Each individual who completes the program receives the complete trust indenture and all documentation needed for its establishment and ongoing operation., #privatetrust #gten, Operating as a trustee in commerce       , Duties of a trustee, Public interaction, Compensation, Private contracts between , trustees and the trust, Commingling assets, Fraudulent transfers, Breach of trust, Banking, Knowing who, what & where you are       , What is a trust? A brief history, How is a trust made, The intention, The Constitution is a trust, Protection of rights, Law form, Situs, Jurisdiction, The Uniform Trust Code (UTC), Rights, Obligations, Accounting, Minimum contacts, Private agreements, How to properly lien the “person”, Purpose(s), Identifying the parties, Third party witnesses and appraisers, Agreement, Collateral, Notice, Recording and publishing, Trust party relationships, Trust parties, The trustor, The trustee, The beneficiary, The successor, The exchanger, The protector, The secretary, The authorized representative, Operating in private trust, #privatetrust #gten, Indenture workshops I & II , (includes full trust indenture & documents), The creation, The intention, Parties, Rights, Obligations, The indenture, Assignments, The res, Articles and bylaws, Schedules, Revokability/irrevocability, Situs, jurisdiction and privacy, Acknowledgment, Minutes and resolutions, Vesting the trust, Administration, Banking resolution, Opening an account, Operating at arms length, Disposition, #privatetrust #gten, The program consists of 8 webinar videos, reading materials and samples of all the documentation needed to set up and operate a private express trust. , The typical cost to purchase a private express trust of this sort is thousands and that does not include education on the principles or how to operate (which makes it essentially useless)., If you register and donate you will receive instant access to the 8-part webinar series, the full trust indenture, all operating documents, highly relevant reading materials and one year of membership to GTEN.org and its vast member library and forum. Significant value, we hope you will agree., #privatetrust #gten, , #righttotravel #gten, Have you noticed the encroaching police state both home and abroad?, Are we free or not?, What happened to our rights?, Have we traded our rights for privileges?, #righttotravel #gten, Some rights are almost forgotten, buried by statutes and the code..., In this 4-part series of in-depth videos we examine the unalienable right to travel versus the privilege to drive. We approach the topic as a proxy for the state of our God-given rights in America and around the globe and what can be done to restore freedom—the rights of the people—in the presence of the heavy-handed governance we created and, forgetting who we were, subsequently allowed to control us., #righttotravel #gten, Beginning with the concept of dharma, or the duty to uphold the divinely instituted natural order of things, we examine the subject of rights from all sides to discern what creates justice, social harmony and human happiness and then apply the essential elements of living and operating in an appropriate manner to the topic of mobility by automobile., #righttotravel #gten, Language is a key control mechanism, so we differentiate the language of rights from the codified legalese that has become the standard terminology of these times., The driver's license is a means of control. It subrogates a right for a privilege and gives jurisdiction by novation where none would need exist. We examine alternative means of identification that meet the requirements of law., Vehicle registration creates a split title, giving equitable title to the possessor of the car and legal title to the state. We discuss how to retain full ownership of your property, and thus withhold jurisdiction over it, instead of signing the legal title away., Insurance, by limiting liability through a federal franchise company, creates a presumption of law that the car is a vehicle as defined in the code, operating in the public and subject to the jurisdiction of the police and courts. But there are alternatives that meet and exceed the standard of moral duty to protect others from hazard... without giving up jurisdiction and wholesaling one's rights away., The license, registration and insurance create a limited liability, governed, controlled environment to protect the public. Each of these three must be addressed properly if any one of them is to be eliminated, as they work in concert, so we look carefully at proper ways to handle each one for a functional whole solution., We examine the case law precedents that show where your rights have been berthed, waiting for you to find and recover them at some point in your life., We discuss traffic stops and how to handle them properly, respectfully and without giving jurisdiction. We consulted with an active duty police officer for this webinar series who offered his time and assistance to us in order to advance the rights of the people and find peace in our country. , We disclose court solutions for traffic tickets and other matters involving rights and jurisdiction, and we demonstrate ways of handling matters to avoid trial., #righttotravel #gten, Our intention is to introduce these concepts, facts and methods responsibly to strengthen the understanding of the people with regard to our rights under natural law (i.e. the truth). We believe it's important to understand our rights in these times, and especially in the times ahead. We hope you'll choose to explore this study of rights with us and apply it in your life, as it sheds light on far more than just travel rights., #righttotravel #gten, Donate and register. There are 4 recorded videos (2-4 hours each including Q&A) plus carefully selected, highly relevant reading materials for each webinar, and registration includes one year of membership to GTEN.org and its vast library of resources. Everything is available  instantly online upon registration when you log in as a member to GTEN.org, and we are available daily to answer any questions you may have regarding the course material., , #exemptorg #gten, Exempt Organizations, Public and Private Wealth Structures Defined, #exemptorg #gten, Taxation is for the self-serving. If your objective is to serve the public as well as to serve yourself, there is no reason to be taxed., In the Private Trust Education series, we define an organization that is tax non-obligated for lack of jurisdiction. In Trust Web Structures we will share the means of connecting the private express trust through a trust web to entities that operate in the public. In Living Free of the System, we will show how to bank in lawful money, tax non-obligated. But what are the entities of choice for operating in the public? And how do you do it tax exempt? That's what Exempt Organizations is all about. #exemptorg #gten, The federal government and the IRS provide for numerous ways that anyone with a cause or a purpose can operate a business tax free, provide for self and family and receive all the benefits of operating as an executive in the public arena., In this course we outline and define all the different types of entities that allow one to operate completely tax free and engage the public while maintaining minimal contacts and an arms length distance from liability. We will discuss how to choose, form, file and manage these exempt entities., In the end you will have a clear and concise understanding of how to create a structure that can raise and accumulate massive funding, influence the welfare and politics of our community and house anonymous donations all within lawful and legal means., #exemptorg, Exempt Organizations syllabus, Exemption, History, Heirarchy of Exempt Organizations, Title 26 Section 501, What is an exempt organization?, For-profits, non-profits and not-for-profits… some distinctions, 5 life stages of an exempt organization, #exemptorg , Non-profits, not-for-profits and charitable organizations, Introduction to Title 26 Section 501(c)3, Public charities vs. private foundations, Section 509 classifications, Filing procedure and lifecycle, Non-profit vs. not-for-profit, #exemptorg #gten, Churches and religious orgs, History, Purpose of status, Exempt vs. non-obligated, 508(c)1(a) vs. 501(c)3, Filing an Archdiocese as Archbishop, 14 points of the church, Filing procedure and lifecycle, The cult: a look into the 501(d), Forming a treasury for your community, #exemptorg #gten, The future of funding: Super PACs and social welfare organizations, History, Citizens United Legislation, The anonymous influence our system, How we truly make a change, #exemptorg #gten, , #trustweb #gten, Trust Web Structures, Keys to Privately Controlling Wealth Behind the Face of the Public, , #trustweb #gten, "The secret to success is to own nothing, but control everything.", - John D. Rockefeller, We hear this quote all the time, and it's one of the most beneficial nuggets ever passed on to the public from the private world of the banking 'elite', but nobody's telling how it's done. The GTEN Trust Web Structures series is designed to give precise information on how to do it. Own nothing, but control everything., In order to own nothing and control everything, one must operate from the private with the asset protection of a private express trust yet still be able to function fully in the public arena. This is accomplished through a web of organizations that work in concert., In the Trust Web Structures series we dissect multiple popular trust structures to find their strengths and weaknesses. Then we map the GTEN trust web structure and explain exactly how it works. We examine the financial relationships, debts, assets, lien rights and monetary transactions between organizations within the structure. We show how to create impenetrable bonds between these private and public organizations that render some entities completely private and judgment-proof with assets fully secured while giving others free reign to operate in the public. , We discuss how to form the security agreements and lien rights that allow one to truly own nothing and control everything, showing how a proper lien renders an entity completely judgment proof yet entirely in control. #trustweb #gten,