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September 24, 2014 : D.I.Y. Trusts & Non-Profits

D.I.Y. Trusts & Non-Profits

Do you have an idea for a charity or need to set up a trust? The Global Trust Education Network (GTEN), an educator of private individuals, trustees and directors of not-for-profit organizations, announced this week the public launch of the GTEN Forum, a free online community resource to discuss topics such as natural law, organic laws, rights, freedom, commerce, contracts, trusts, asset protection, non-profits, consciousness and conscious creation. 

The new GTEN Forum is free online at GTEN.org/forum. The goal of GTEN.org is to provide both the know-how and the network for the awake and aware to accomplish meaningful change.

There are many challenges facing mankind today that make this a pivotal time in history. But all problems, no matter how seemingly immense, are also opportunities when viewed from a different perspective. A measurable shift in consciousness is taking place, and brilliant minds around the globe are working on solutions for how we progress and evolve from here. The GTEN Forum provides an important new platform for education and meaningful community interaction to assist in creating a future that works for all life.

 Scientist Tom Campbell, in his May 26, 2014 YouTube video Tom Campbell: The History of Enlightenment From a Scientific Viewpoint, points out that many bright spots of enlightenment throughout history have largely failed to effect meaningful change. What makes today's conscious awakening different, says Campbell, is our ability to communicate through technology with anyone on the planet and propagate ideas across the broad spectrum of humanity. Everyone, says Campbell, with just about any belief system, can plug into the picture that forms from our collective knowledge, and the internet provides the infrastructure to connect us and the means to unify us in our understanding. According to Campbell, we now have the pieces in place to evolve by our interaction, and mankind's evolution can start to accelerate in a cooperative manner.

 The Global Trust Education Network (GTEN) is a not-for-profit private trust formed in 2012 to educate individuals in the areas of private and charitable trusts, not-for-profit organizations and conscious entrepreneurship. GTEN helps individuals create and administer their organizations on a solid foundation, without the typical high startup costs of legal fees. GTEN.org offers online webinars on private trusts, trust web structures, exempt organizations, unalienable rights, taxation and private contracts. GTEN.org currently has over 600 active members and provides a vast resource for anyone to competently create, establish and administer his or her vision for the world.

 To get involved or learn more, visit GTEN.org/forum