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What is a trust?

Black's Law 2nd Edition:

An equitable or beneficial right or title to land or other property, held for the beneficiary by another person, in whom resides the legal title or ownership, recognized and enforced by courts of chancery.

An obligation arising out of a confidence reposed in the trustee or representative, who has the legal title to property conveyed to him, that he will faithfully apply the property according to the confidence reposed, or, in other words, according to the wishes of the grantor of the trust.

An equitable obligation, either express or implied, resting upon a person by reason of a confidence reposed in him, to apply or deal with the property for the benefit of some other person, or for the benefit of himself and another or others, according to such confidence.

A holding of property subject to a duty of employing it or applying its proceeds according to directions given by the person from whom it was derived.

What is a right?

Black's Law 4th Edition:

As a noun, and taken in an abstract sense, justice, ethical correctness, or consonancewith the rules of law or the principles of morals.In this signification it answers to one meaningof the Latin "jus," and serves to indicate law inthe abstract, considered as the foundation of allrights, or the complex of underlying moral principleswhich impart the character of justice toall positive law, or give it an ethical content.

As a noun, and taken in a concrete sense, a power, privilege, faculty, or demand, inherent in one person and incident upon another. "Rights" are defined generally as "powers of free action." And the primal rights pertaining to men are undoubtedly enjoyed by human beings purely as such, being grounded in personality, and existing antecedently to their recognition by positive law. But leaving the abstract moral sphere, and giving to the term a juristic content, a "right" is well defined as "a capacity residing in one man of controlling, with the assent and assistance of the state, the actions of others." Holl. Jur. 69.

What is a private express trust organization?

As defined by Alfred D. Chandler, Esq. in a report submitted to the Tax Commissioners of Massachusetts on unincorporated associations circa 1911:

Express trusts put the legal estate entirely in one or more persons while others have a beneficial interest in and out of the same but are neither partners nor agents. This simple adequate common law right any person or group of persons sui juris may exercise.

What is the benefit of a private express trust versus a corporation?

The private express trust is governed by its indenture (trust contract), unlike the corporation which is a government franchise and governed by statute. Trustees are the sole authority and are afforded more leverage than a board of directors of a corporation. The Trustees' liability is limited by the trust, and the trust documentation is not subject to subpoena, whereas corporate officers are bound by legislation and cannot escape service of process or subpoena of records.

To learn more about this subject, you may wish to register for our Private Trust Education series.

What is the benefit of a private express trust versus a statutory trust?

Do you want the statutory courts, whether federal or state, to have jurisdiction over your affairs and assets? Statutory trusts give jurisdiction. Private express trusts are just that--private. They are the only truly private form of organization.

Do I need a lawyer to set up a private express trust?

No. In fact, a member of the BAR cannot create what you can with our help. BAR membership is governed through the Inns of Court by the Templar Temple, a private corporation whose only allegiance is to the City of London, a private corporation that serves at the pleasure of the Rothschilds and other elite bankers. BAR members are obligated to create only statutory (public) trusts.

What does it cost to create a private express trust?

Anywhere else, the answer is $2,000 to $7,000 to buy a 'custom' trust. We believe a trust is useless without understanding. The true value is in the knowledge of how to create and operate the trust. If you invest in the understanding, we give you the trust template, and there are no other significant costs in setting up one trust or a web of trusts.

What if I have questions?

Our live webinars answer every attendee's questions, and we don't stop the webinar until every question is addressed. Sometimes that means the webinar goes 4 hours long. If you sign up for a recorded webinar and have questions, we will answer any question you have about the material by email. On a reachable scale of 1 to 10, we're a 9. We answer every email we receive, and we do it as soon as we can. Additionally, if you have questions outside the scope of the presented material, we offer private coaching.

What if my specific situation is complicated or I need more individualized help?

We provide private coaching for a suggestion donation of $200/hour. The suggested donation for members who have registered for one of our seminar series is $100/hour.

Are the live webinars recorded in case I can't attend one or want to watch again?

Yes. All our webinars are recorded in professional quality high definition video and audio and viewable any time at your leisure in the Member Portal, whether you were able to attend the live webinar or not.

Can I donate in lawful money instead of credit card/PayPal?

Yes. If you prefer to donate in lawful money, please send us an email or contact us using the 'contact us' button on the navigation menu bar. In addition to PayPal or credit card payment, we accept donations in all forms of lawful money.

Do you accept Bitcoin?

Yes. We believe in alternative currencies. We also accept Litecoin, Darkcoin and others. Just ask and we'll provide wallet information.

How do I access the Red Library?

The Red Library is a private resource for GTEN.org members and is found in the Member Portal.

Do you sell trusts?

No. We share the knowledge and sample documents to assist you in successfully creating and administering your trusts.

How do I buy your products?

Our courses are currently not for sale to the public. We are a donation/member based not-for-profit private express trust organization. We place a nominal value on our courses as a suggested donation, nothing more. If you wish to access any one of our programs, please make the suggested donation and register.

Is there hope for mankind?

Yes. You're it.


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