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This is the complete, unedited feedback received from members during the period the live GTEN courses were taught. This is all the feedback received at the time, not a selection. Nothing has been added, deleted or updated here since. Once all the GTEN courses were 'in the can' and available as recordings, we turned our focus to providing ongoing personal support to our members and accomplishing new objectives as a team through OriginTrust.org.


                               Jack M 5/7/2015 5:32 PM
Great webinar, as always. So appreciative of your work and sharing it. Many thanks. Really happy and amazed. You have the highest standards and I appreciate it deeply.

                               Nativo L 5/6/2015 8:39 PM
I've been studying for approximately six years and have attended many seminars by various groups and individuals, some mentioned this evening in passing. I find you both unassuming, humble, helpful, thorough, and unpretentious. Can I be any more complimentary? Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar and will recommend it to others. // I'm extremely impressed and have been recommending it to friends and families. Tonight's webinar, however, was the icing on the cake and I will be insisting with friends and family to join as soon as possible.

                               Scott S 5/6/2015 8:38 PM
It was great. Clear, direct, straightforward, understandable in a general sense even for a novice such as myself. Enjoying very much, I just need more time (or need to make more time, actually) for study. Thanks again for a great presentation, looking forward to the next one.

                               Jason M 5/6/2015 8:34 PM
Very much

                               Eric K 5/6/2015 8:32 PM
thanks guys, excellent presentation

                               Orion S 4/16/2015 8:11 AM
I enjoyed the webinar from my iPad... :) Line upon line precept upon precept. Fantastic! I am very happy with the content of the group. I would like to see a future live meetup/seminar for better networking opportunities.

                               Jack M 4/15/2015 7:04 PM
Excellent and clear information so well delivered as always.

                               Gordon G 4/15/2015 6:59 PM
Very helpful

                               Bruce G 4/15/2015 6:55 PM
Love it guys BG

                               Orion S 2/5/2015 11:33 AM
Thanks for the great presentation provided on February 5, 2015 on the topic of Administrative Justice. You guys are offering a fantasist perspective on living as a "free inhabitant". The information provided in "The whole enchilada" has proven to be a great investment! Thank you!

                               David F 2/5/2015 5:21 AM
Very much. The information is amazing. I only wish I had more time to study the materials multiple times through.

                               Darla C 2/4/2015 10:08 PM
It is a life's blood of some kind. Its ohana. An essential scratch to an aching itch. It allows me to help others and remain strong.

                               Dana W 2/4/2015 9:42 PM
love it so far, but lots still to learn

                               Bruce G 2/4/2015 5:31 PM
Hey Christain & P.J. your new Class is really exciting, I'm looking forward to want you guys are brining to the table for trust management and living free of the system in peace. Thank You! It's my birthday and will be leaving for a celebration. Bruce G. PLease post the class asap.

                                Justin V 4/07/14 4:58 PM
Just wanted to say Excellent, Excellent work guys!, I am highly recommending your website to my contacts. Well done!!

                                David J 3/20/14 7:01 AM
excellent. love it

                                Keith B 3/19/14 8:12 PM
This course has provided a lot of clarity for me and I'm looking forward to taking the other courses.

                                Cary S 3/19/14 10:18 PM
Thorough yet concise. I can't imagine my "private life" without the education I've gained from GTEN. A+

                                Bruce G 3/19/14 10:18 PM
Thank you guys it was definitely the best work I've seen.

                                Perry K 3/19/14 10:18 PM
Thank you guys!!!

                                Dana W 3/19/14 10:09 PM
interesting. feels comprehensive and over whelming at times as there is a lot to learn, on my own, from the information given here, as well a challenge to pay hundreds of dollars for the courses at a time, yet i appreciate the time and effort they put into all of this. I'm interested in the whole enchalada, but i lack the resources for the whole donation all at once. It is very infomative and i like the spirit of the message.

                                Terry R 3/19/14 10:05 PM
Gave me a new direction. I have confidence in the logic and the information provided. I really appreciate the efforts expended by the GTEN staff, and intend to increase my participation with GTEN.

                                Barry F 3/19/14 10:03 PM
Nothing short of fabulous! Can't wait to see what may come next.

                                David J 1/30/14 4:02 AM
in two words... life changing

                                Fabiola Z 1/29/14 9:49 PM
Great content

                                Keith B 1/29/14 7:32 PM
I totally love you guys and I love your approach to this type of info. Thank you for sharing your love and energy.

                                Samia B 1/29/14 6:25 PM
Very good information, I'd like to suggest a teaching style that gives us action items and a structure around the knowledge. So far, it's okay. My challenge and towards the above feedback is we are living in the world of information overload. How do we bridge the gap between information and action. I appreciate what you're doing and look forward to more benefits of my membership.

                                Issac B 1/29/14 6:01 PM
Mind Blown.

                                Issac B 1/29/14 11:47 PM
Loved it. A lot. Grateful to be a part of it.

                                Keith S 1/29/14 11:41 PM
Thanks Guys. Great presentation!

                                Scott S 1/29/14 11:40 PM
Need more time to absorb everything. Thanks to all involved for the research, the excellent presentation and for making this information available. Keep up the great work!

                                Darla C 1/29/14 11:09 PM
You are sent by the Angels to enlighten us. I never fail to be in awe and appreciation of your buzz saw brains, tireless passion and generosity. For this, and so much more, I see you. I hear you. I thank you. I love you. Since my first meeting with Christian, I feel like I've been plugged into an electric monkey. Wiped and whomped, flying and flat, chopped and marinated and refined into a still rendering sauce, I am humbled and blessed by the men of GTEN. By sacrificing your otherwise quiet nights, you have increased my life. You have arrived. After tonight's presentation, you are STAMINA, Friends. With infinite blessings of gratitude for you all in love.

                                Philip W 1/29/14 11:05 PM
Great job. it was worth the wait.

                                Sunday P 1/29/14 11:00 PM
Yes, It was loooooooooong but very informative. I appreciated learning more of the case law so that I have a solid foundation for status. You guys did fantastic work and I'm super excited to hear the final webinar on banking. I am so thankful for the TRUST information. I'm anticipating putting this information into practice as soon as I learn the banking in lawful $ information. Thanks guys!

                                Barry F 1/29/14 10:59 PM
Simply amazing! Love it!

                                Rashaan C 1/29/14 10:54 PM
Outstanding.Although a lot to digest, I enjoyed the meal. Love it

                                Darla C 12/11/13 8:09 PM
I love you both for all you are!

                                Chris F 12/11/13 8:08 PM

                                Nancy H 12/11/13 8:06 PM
I'm glad i found you guys. A couple of days after i sent you the money of account for this webinar, i got an email from you informing me that it would be available at no cost to those already involved with your program; but i have no intention of asking for a refund. You guys deserve what you get for the work you put in. Thanks.

                                Philip W 12/11/13 8:05 PM
I truly appreciate your content and the special time creating this opportunity for us to learn more. Thanks and I look forward to the next class.

                                Eric K 12/11/13 8:04 PM
good times, happy holidays and thanks for the work you guys are doing

                                Andrew P 12/11/13 8:03 PM
Thank you, Gentlemen. Love & Peace to You & Yours.

                                Keith B 12/11/13 7:51 PM
Excellent. I enjoyed the webinar very much...Thanks

                                Dana W 12/11/13 7:46 PM
so far, so good

                                Sellam I 10/24/13 3:31 AM
It was pleasant. More cowbell. I need to take better advantage of the membership benefits.

                                Cary S 10/23/13 9:28 PM
I really appreciate the fact you guys have gone above and beyond the contract to add value for each of us. May God bless you for your generosity.

                                David J 10/23/13 9:27 PM
excellent. one of the best investments ever.

                                Ndarake N 10/23/13 9:24 PM
This webinar was very well laid out. I could tell that you all had really done much research and re-editing. As you said It is a work in progress, however, I do feel that these documents are very much near perfection. Please keep up the good work. Thank you all for being a vessel on the high seas, picking each of us up to get us safely to land. May Divine Blessings continue to shower each of you.

                                David D 10/23/13 9:17 PM
A movement of true purpose is what i call it. God's greatest blessings be upon you guys

                                Audrey S 10/23/13 9:12 PM
The red library shows how faithful your word was in giving members helpful tools to use on our educational path. I have no regret in signing up as a member of GTEN and giving you two your praises. Keep up the good work you have the determination. Peace!

                                Siobhan C 10/23/13 9:10 PM
One of the best memberships I've ever held...GTEN's work is an extremely valuable resource for me - cuts right through the theories and hearsay, goes straight to the source material - this is what I appreciate most as well as the extensive libraries to explore and the support available to me through being part of the community. A big thanks! Looking forward to living free of the system. Peace, Siobhan

                                Patricia P 10/23/13 9:06 PM
This webinar was right on point because it discussed the importance of its structure and how it will be beneficial to execute properly. The information attained is very useful and engaging.

                                Marlene R 10/23/13 9:04 PM
very informative and a pleasure to listen to the teachings and sharings of PJ and Christian. I am very pleased and priviledged to be a member of GTEN. GTEN has been intrumental in the setting up and learning how to navigate in trust.

                                Zuri E 10/23/13 9:00 PM
very good

                                Barry F 10/23/13 8:59 PM
Really great. Always exceeds expectations.

                                Roy D 10/23/13 8:00 PM

                                Samuel F 09/25/13 10:31 PM
Thanks guys, loved the intro - back to work for me

                                Eric K 09/25/13 10:31 PM
good session, thanks!

                                David F   9/25/13 8:14 PM
I'm finding it very informative, but most of all, exhilarating.  It's giving me the positive energy I need to keep working on my various ideas and create the world I envision.

                                Barry F   9/25/13 8:09 PM
Very nice webinar.  Very creative.  And also, good practical information.  Generates good questions as well as gives some good answers.  Much appreciated.  I look forward to some good community building over time.

                                Keith S   8/19/13 9:16 PM
Fabulous! It's great to learn how to build an ark to protect my family and friends from the public swamp we now live in.

                                Barry F   8/19/13 9:15 PM
Once in a while, words faded and I couldn't hear what was said.  Most of the time, the sound was fine.  This presentation was beautifully organized and done. 

                                Deatta S  8/19/13 9:15 PM
More than expected. Every session is given with the greatest clarity and patience... I can only be grateful to have such knowledge fill my senses. For those who have eyes and will to  see and ears that hear.

                                Wendy F 8/19/13 9:11 PM
There was so much information. I'll need to go back and study it some more. Loved, loved, loved the picture representation. Thank you!

                                Steven T 8/19/13 9:11 PM
Great and Thanks!

                                Cary S     8/19/13 8:42 PM

                                Frank S  8/19/13 8:30 PM
WOW!!! Keep Climbin..

                                Christopher S        8/19/13 8:15 PM
The webinars seem as if they could go faster. There is side talk, which sometimes (not all the time), seem to distract me from capturing the essence of the webinar.

                                Kelly P    8/1/13 8:42 PM
reminds me of a basic day in life.... we plan, and direction unfolds.

                                Michael G              8/1/13 8:10 PM
I wish I had the habits of studying more!  You guys are rocking it.  Thank you very much!

                                Wendy F 8/1/13 8:10 PM
That was way more complex than necessary...looking forward to seeing how you set up your Trusts. Thank you!

                                Roy D      8/1/13 6:53 PM

                                Skip A     8/1/13 8:10 PM
Love it!

                                Zuri E     7/17/13 8:20 PM
loved it

                                Keith S   7/17/13 8:16 PM

                                Barry F   7/17/13 8:16 PM
Too much philosophy for me.  I came for the technical stuff. 

                                Wendy F 7/17/13 8:14 PM
Yes! Best one yet!

                                Gary M    7/17/13 8:06 PM
It was good but the side tracking is distracting.

                                Cary S     7/17/13 8:02 PM
Thanks. Great webinar!

                                Keith S   7/17/13 7:58 PM
Great Webinar! Thank You.

                                Eric E             5/16/13 7:43 AM
Good job. Very informative. I really enjoyed the way you guys put information together.

                                Curtis     R             5/15/13 6:59 PM
Fun and informative.

                                Keith S            5/15/13 7:04 PM
Very pleased with my investment so far. I am looking forward to exploring a new way to navigate life using knowledge, trusts and other mechanisms.

                                Zuri E             5/15/13 7:04 PM
very good

                                Michael D            5/15/13 7:05 PM
I liked it. It was very informative and a well-structured outline of the overall topic. I look forward to future installments filling is the details.

                                James M 5/15/13 7:07 PM
OK good recap of things I've encountered.  I've done both 501c3 and PACs.

                                Alfonso R               5/15/13 7:10 PM
Enlightening in that it showed various avenues of exercising a freedom, sometimes a liberty, of how to operate in one or several jurisdictions. It's the showing of the tools that made this relevant, and a surprise that we can "go there". 

                                Issac B    5/15/13 7:37 PM
"It was a great starting point, very much looking forward to the next one and getting into the homework. I feel there was too much 'Hey we're not gonna do this for you, this is just advice, you need to do this yourselves, don't sue us' talk. "

                                Matthew G             5/15/13 8:27 PM
Eloquent. The duo presented the concepts in a logical, understandable manner.

                       John S           04/29/13 11:45 PM
Many thanks to you all, I have logged in so that I may begin to do my due diligence. I will be looking to do a private session as soon as possible, but I want to say here GTEN.org you have a most amazing site full of knowledge one can ever hope for and need, I truly thank you for the gift. Peace

                       Todd P           12/21/12 11:45 PM
Great job guys! Really great. Look forward to the next and the next. Thank you and Happy New Age!

                       Mike G             12/21/12 9:09 PM
Blessings to you all! Thank you for everything!

                       Auroea T            11/29/12 9:29 PM
You guys were real troopers to hang in there so long,  very interesting as always.  Judge Ellet has helped to clear up some things that tended to confuse. To accept martial law rule as the way things are seems a wise course...and love getting more and more comfortable with the Trustee way of moving through the world.  thanks for your offerings...

                        Lauren S           11/29/12 9:27 PM
loved it, thank you all so much!

                       Terry A         10/22/12 8:08 PM
Really enjoyed the session tonight.  

                        Auroea             10/22/12 8:02 PM
Great opening session - love that you have set the tone around the dharma and freedom through responsibility to ourselves and each other.

                        Issac B         10/22/12 8:01 PM
Loved it.

                        Patricia P           10/22/12 8:00 PM
The cases are vast in what I have seen. Why have the majority of people not been given a choice to have a license? How can I give it back?

                        WD           10/22/12 7:06 PM
You guys are doing a great job!... and with a subject that spans concepts that can be hard for a lot of newcomers to understand!

                        Ivan T             10/9/12 3:36 PM
Hello Pj and Christian, just wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for the great service provided in "trust webinar". It was of great VALUE and looking forward to "right to travel" :) peace and blessing!!!!!! Ivan.

                        Audrey S         10/1/12 8:36 PM
I thought you two were complete and timely with all information given.  You are a team and it showed in the webinar.  The materials given were excellent and I liked how you spaced each part of the webinar in order to read the material and be prepared.  I would like to attend the Right to Travel webinar but I need to know the dates before I commit.

                        Lillian T           10/1/12 8:33 PM
I think both of you did a great job explaining the trust in layman's terms. I do believe that I can make good use of the knowledge that you have provided me to be able to live a trust life. Thank you

                        Robert E          10/1/12 8:33PM
Loved it, great job... Like the space you're coming from. Peace Profound

                        Auroea T         10/1/12 8:32 PM
wonderful! incredibly worthwhile. feel great gratitude for the info as well as the tone and perspective from which it was offered.  look forward to continuing the personal study and embodying this way of life.  you've filled in enough cracks in my understanding to give me the confidence to move forward in this regard.  thanks and many blessings to you both.

                        Alan L             10/1/12 8:31 PM
I learned what an express trust is compared to a public trust. I just hope you ocan use a live example in the webinar so the students can understand it better. Holding your home, car, silver, gold, etc. Managing your holding trust through a management trust, etc. Thank you!

                        Patricia P         10/1/12 8:31 PM
It was more than what I bargained for. It is complex yet fascinating! It may take a few years to get it right. Hope to stay in touch with you. Thanks for bringing things together for me. The resources are invaluable. There is no way I could have received so much information at a reasonable donation. Thanks again! Patricia

                        Frank S            10/1/12 7:20PM
Great Webinar Series!!! Helped me put the pieces together. Both PJ and Christian work very well together and make this look easy, besides homework required. Thanks. I recommend it to all.

                        Alfonso R       9/27/12 9:50 PM
good pace; interactive it seems, with homework having been assigned. Other views weighed in without being outrightly dismissed.

                        Ndarake N      9/27/12 7:43 PM
Thank you for telling us what the "Right to travel" webinar is going to be about.  It sounds very interesting.  I will sign up for the webinar in the next two days.  I will try to get others to also sign up.  Thank you,  my precious teachers, you are both great.

                        Lillian T           9/27/12 7:41 PM
You guys are so knowledgeable and I have learned so much.  I am very thankful to the both of you.

                        Barry F            9/27/12 7:40 PM
Efforts to be inclusive seem to lead to abstraction such that more specific examples of trust issues and how to address them would be helpful.  That said, the webinars offer many useful insights and raise many questions that are useful as well.

                        Ndarake N      9/27/12 7:13 PM
Thank you for mentioning that we will need three trustees.  The Father, Son, and the witnesseth.  With two you could reach a stalemate, however with three you can break the stalemate.  Thank you for this wonderful webinar.

                        Sharon M        8/22/12 8:10 PM
I thank you one again for your dedication and time in this matter of full disclosure or meeting of the minds.

                        Barry F            8/22/12 8:04 PM
Wonderful job, guys!

                        Ndarake N      8/22/12 7:28 PM
Christian and PJ, you are marvelous facilitators.  You are a God-send.  I've taking many courses to try and understand the public and private side of life. I always came away from the classes feeling that the information was good, however it was fractionalized.  The continuity was sometimes hazy.  I like your style.  Its participatory and comprehensible. When the student is ready the teachers will appear, and they have appeared in the form of two angels. Please continue with due diligence teaching.

                        Sharon M        8/9/12 6:50 PM
Thank you again, I enjoy tonight short webinar. I was able to follow along in my King James Version Bible. The bible study translations were easy to follow, and it was summary with Pasaln.

                        Sharon M        8/9/12 6:50 PM
So far it has been fulfilling. Everything about CONTRACT & TRUST! knowing whom you are!, for an everlasting covenant. Again Thank you until we hear from you again. Continue to be blessed.

                        Ndarake N      8/9/12 6:12 PM
This webinar was great.  Everything is always right in view, however we seem to have trouble finding truth. We have on blinders: we have eyes and cannot see, and ears and cannot hear.  I would like to get in touch with Mr. Kelly.  What a great webinar

                        Ndarake N      8/9/12 6:12 PM
Your resources are very much appreciated. With much love for the presenters and the content of the Webinars.

                        Audrey S         8/9/12 6:10 PM
I thought it was excellent.  Reading the Bible is a part of my being and for these same scriptures to be placed in the light of the commercial trust is awesome. 

                        Audrey S         8/9/12 6:10 PM
Great I especially like when you highlighted notes directly from Weiss's Handbook page by page in webinar 2.

                        Gordon C        8/9/12 6:08 PM
Excellent!  Please keep up the good work & God bless!

                        Sara A 8/9/12 6:07 PM
excellent. I really like the Bibles dissection. the knowledge of the organization is vast and people awakes more easy with that light, thank you

                        Patricia P         8/9/12 6:06 PM
It was very helpful in directing me to concern my energies towards God's law and not that of man.

                        Patricia P         8/9/12 6:06 PM
GTEN as changed my life. For so long I wanted to know how to plan for the future and live now. I have much of that information at my fingertips ready to help me organize my life. I look forward to completing a Trust document.

                        Steven T          8/9/12 6:06 PM
Really enjoyed the webinar about the Bible being a Trust.  Very good so far

                        Jerry B 8/9/12 6:05 PM
Marvelous.  This makes my intuitive feeling that what Dillard said is true.  It was and is so eloquently simple!

                        Jerry B 8/9/12 6:05 PM
Came through loud and clear

                        Lillian T           8/9/12 6:03 PM
I think it was fabulous. I am seeing the Bible in a whole different light.

                        Lillian T           8/9/12 6:03 PM
I think the both of you are doing a great job and I am very fortunate to have the both of you as my instructors. Thank You So Much.

                        Robert E          8/9/12 6:03 PM
Loved Loved Loved it... I love that book it just blows me away every time I look at it. That was truly a gift.

                        Robert E          8/9/12 6:03 PM
Awesome - Got some excellent material. I guess I could participate more on the facebook for interaction. Very excited to get into the meat of it as it is at the time where Trust is quite crucial - I have been holding out execution on some matters until I set everything up.

                        Jason M           8/9/12 6:03 PM
interesting.  So far so good

                        Rick G 8/9/12 6:02 PM
Good but tonight's seminar was somewhat mis-leading.  Do not completely agree on how he suggested God set up the Trust.  Too bad we could not ask questions.  I feel without clarification this seminar was not effective

                        Brandy S         8/9/12 6:02 PM

                        Frank S            8/9/12 6:02 PM
GREAT. Dillard sounds like a pastor

                        Gary M            8/9/12 6:01 PM
Excellent Great to hear it tied to the Bible.  Great Information.  I will encourage others to join

                        Roy D               8/9/12 5:53 PM

                        Stacey J           6/30/12 5:04 AM
everything looked and sounded great.  You guys did a great job!

                        David J            6/30/12 12:09 AM

                        Sharon M        6/29/12 9:50 PM
It was very informative, I enjoyed the Webinar connection, posting the question was effective,  but my web (picture) screen when out as I was taking notes. I couldn't resolve the problem, The sound was fine. Again, Thank you all very much.

                        Matthew B      6/29/12 9:32 PM
all good. good job.

                        Sam B 6/29/12 9:24 PM
I'm impressed with the content. I look forward for more of it.

                        Sara A 6/29/12 9:20 PM
was excellent

                        Michael D D   6/29/12 9:14 PM
Well done. Very informative and interesting. My only critique would be going to break with the generic webinar view up when I wanted to finish copying down the quotes on a slide you provided. Not a big issue if we're going to receive the seminar on a video for review as well. Thanks for a fine webinar experience.

                        Auroea T         6/29/12 9:09 PM
thanks guys, feels like a great beginning, blessings

                        Lillian T           6/29/12 9:09 PM
Thank you ever so much.

                        Steven T          6/29/12 9:09 PM
Thanks for all the information. I am looking forward to living a trustees life.

                        Barry F            6/29/12 9:08 PM