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June 10, 2015 : Natural Cancer Cures

Greetings members and friends,
We're changing things up for the summer.
We've recently learned that one of our own GTEN family has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at age 48. His doctors give him 6 months without treatment or 2 years with chemotherapy. That's not acceptable, and it's incorrect, given there are an estimated 400+ known naturopathic cancer treatments, many of which work better than chemo, and we're confident that some combination of them will effectively treat and eliminate the disease. We're all one degree of separation, at most, from somebody with cancer. We can no longer afford the dogma of the AMA, bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. It's time we get the facts straight for everyone's benefit. 
In speaking with Gordon two days ago, he mentioned that what he really needs most--and right away--is a research team to get to the bottom of the most effective and efficient cures. Since we, the trustees and members of GTEN, are a collective of highly capable researchers, we've volunteered the service and resources of this community. We invite you to join us in this fascinating, timely and essential study of what's possible today with naturopathic, holistic and alternative cancer cures.
The first step is an intensive one-week study, starting immediately. Gordon has about one week to either begin chemotherapy or choose viable, better alternatives. Then we'll continue from there with less need for haste and more time for broader exploration of the available treatments.
If you're already knowledgeable in this area or interested and willing to assist with the essential research, please join the conversation on the GTEN Forum here: GTEN.org/forum/natural-cancer-cures.
We believe the GTEN community can and will help save one life immediately and create a vast public repository of information that will continue to develop and assist many others, saving countless lives for years to come.
The Natural Cancer Cures discussion forum on the GTEN Forum is a free resource, open now and available to everyone. Please participate, post what you know right away, and add what you discover along the way. If you're tempted to email us, please consider posting to the forum instead. That way everyone benefits from what you know, learn or ask, and everyone can build on the information.
There are numerous topics posted already. All of them need further research. Please pick one or more that interests you and carry on the research or start new topics for others to build on.
If you know others whose input would be invaluable (almost everyone does), please forward this email and invite them to join us on the forum. 
Best wishes, 
And thanks,
GTEN Trustees
PS: This is our GTEN topic for the summer. We've chosen the topic of how to create corporate credit for the fall, and we look forward to that as well. We'll post and send the details on that course soon.

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