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September 16, 2013 : Big Island Talks announced

 The Global Trust Education Network (GTEN) presents: 

Big Island Talks - Unplug from the Patriarchy and Create Magic

Live discussions in Puna, Hawaii - November 2013


Topics of discussion: 

  • Trust
  • Sustainability
  • Freedom
  • Unalienable rights
  • Privacy
  • Asset protection
  • Full accountability
  • Intentional living: the science of manifestation
  • Collaboration: co-creating the new paradigm
   Questions to ponder:
  • Do you have concerns about the future of our economy and governance?
    • Dollar devaluation?
    • Hyperinflation?
    • Excess taxation?
    • Economic collapse?
    • An encroaching police state?
    • Linear consumption-waste as the basis for growth?
    • The war machine?
  • How do you stand on your rights?
  • How do you protect your earnings and assets?
  • How do you create something worthwhile in the current environment?
  • Given the mess we've created to date, how do we best move forward?
  • What are the specific tools to accomplish the goals at hand?

 These two live GTEN talks combine structured presentation with fluid and informal discussion, tailored to the interests of the forum and their specific questions. 

About the Global Trust Education Network:

GTEN is a private not-for-profit trust organization comprised of a network of individuals serving the common good through trusteeship of private and charitable trusts organized for educational, literary, scientific and spiritual purposes, to lessen the burden of governments, to defend and promote rights and freedom, and to actively assist in the sound, sustainable, enlightened evolution of mankind for a world that works for all life.

GTEN.org began producing comprehensive online educational seminars in the spring of 2012, starting with the Private Trust Education series. Since then, other series include the topics Right to Travel, Exempt Organizations, Trust Web Structures, and Living Free of the System: a Guide to Private Banking in Lawful Money. The trustees of GTEN look to continually expand the reach of GTEN's message through the internet, radio, festivals and unique events like the coming talks in Hawaii this November.

GTEN.org members learn the methods, principles, trust structures and operating tools for profound transformation of the ways in which they operate, both individually and for the collective good. By functioning effectively in trust, empowered with conscious creation and unalienable rights, secure in the only truly private form of organization for asset protection, GTEN.org members create a legacy of freedom and opportunity.

About the Speaker:

Christian, known also as X, is one GTEN's founding trustees. He holds a degree from Dartmouth College and citation from Oxford University, and his resume of high level positions in a diversity of businesses and industries has all the variety of a Chinese take-out menu. Christian's background includes Hollywood film production and distribution executive, screenwriter, filmmaker, producer of live art and music events, award-winning restauranteur (Food and Wine best restaurant of the year and the Wine Spectator Award), financial advisor to Wall Street brokers and fund managers, founder and director of multiple real estate companies including one of the largest and most successful residential and commercial brokerages in Los Angeles, commercial real estate investment broker, and private investment fund manager. About seven years ago, Christian began a full-time commitment to the study of law, commerce, the history of capitalism, the history of the democracy, the origins of money, the creation of true value, scientific knowledge, experiential truth, and the science of consciousness. Since that time, his focus has been exclusively on the discovery, establishment and teaching of effective and efficient methods and systems to correct the path of mankind for a sustainable future. Christian exited the corporate world entirely years ago, stopped using the juristic person (the ALL CAPS NAME associated with the birth certificate and Social Security account), stands outside federal and state jurisdiction, and conducts lawful business without a government charter. He is one of a relatively small number of truly free inhabitants of the world today. He now operates exclusively in the private as trustee of several not-for-profit private trusts and foundations focused on global remedy. Christian is a consistent speaker on GTEN.org webinars and YouTube videos as well as a frequent guest of radio talk shows and seminars. He is also one of the directors of Origin, the festival proposed for Puna next year.


The Big Island Talks were held in November, 2013.