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Right to Travel 

Have you noticed the encroaching police state both home and abroad?

Are we free or not?
What happened to our rights?
Have we traded our rights for privileges?
Some rights are almost forgotten, buried by statutes and the code...

In this 4-part series of in-depth videos we examine the unalienable right to travel versus the privilege to drive. We approach the topic as a proxy for the state of our God-given rights in America and around the globe and what can be done to restore freedom—the rights of the people—in the presence of the heavy-handed governance we created and, forgetting who we were, subsequently allowed to control us.

Beginning with the concept of dharma, or the duty to uphold the divinely instituted natural order of things, we examine the subject of rights from all sides to discern what creates justice, social harmony and human happiness and then apply the essential elements of living and operating in an appropriate manner to the topic of mobility by automobile.

Language is a key control mechanism, so we differentiate the language of rights from the codified legalese that has become the standard terminology of these times.

The driver's license is a means of control. It subrogates a right for a privilege and gives jurisdiction by novation where none would need exist. We examine alternative means of identification that meet the requirements of law.

Vehicle registration creates a split title, giving equitable title to the possessor of the car and legal title to the state. We discuss how to retain full ownership of your property, and thus withhold jurisdiction over it, instead of signing the legal title away.

Insurance, by limiting liability through a federal franchise company, creates a presumption of law that the car is a vehicle as defined in the code, operating in the public and subject to the jurisdiction of the police and courts. But there are alternatives that meet and exceed the standard of moral duty to protect others from hazard... without giving up jurisdiction and wholesaling one's rights away.

The license, registration and insurance create a limited liability, governed, controlled environment to protect the public. Each of these three must be addressed properly if any one of them is to be eliminated, as they work in concert, so we look carefully at proper ways to handle each one for a functional whole solution.

We examine the case law precedents that show where your rights have been berthed, waiting for you to find and recover them at some point in your life.

We discuss traffic stops and how to handle them properly, respectfully and without giving jurisdiction. We consulted with an active duty police officer for this webinar series who offered his time and assistance to us in order to advance the rights of the people and find peace in our country. 

We disclose court solutions for traffic tickets and other matters involving rights and jurisdiction, and we demonstrate ways of handling matters to avoid trial.

Our intention is to introduce these concepts, facts and methods responsibly to strenthen the understanding of the people with regard to our rights under natural law (i.e. the truth). We believe it's important to understand our rights in these times, and especially in the times ahead. We hope you'll choose to explore this study of rights with us and apply it in your life, as it sheds light on far more than just travel rights.

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Introduction and History

  • The Language of Law vs. Code
  • Unalienable Rights
  • Case Law Precedents that Protect Your Rights
  • The Census and the Recorder (The Holy Bible)
  • Admiralty and Shipping (International Maritime Law)
  • Charters (The Creature From Jekyll Island)


  • History and Purpose (Lloyds of London)
  • Requirements
  • Bonds and Security Agreements
  • Limiting Liability (Judgment Proofing)
  • Protecting the Public Interest


Traffic Stops

  • What to Say
  • What Not to Say
  • What Documentation to Present
  • What Documentation Not to Present
  • What to Do if Presented with a Ticket
The License
  • History and Purpose (Liberty)
  • Traveling VS. Driving
  • Standards and Practices
  • Ward of the State (Benefits and Privileges)
  • Real Life Experiences
  • History and Purpose (Allodial Title and Land Patents)
  • The M.S.O. VS. The “Certificate of Title”
  • Transporting Vessels as Res in Trust
  • Transporting Vessels as Postmaster (Non-domestic Post)
  • Traveling as Trustee
  • Protecting the Private Interest

How to Handle a Citation

  • A Matter of Jurisdiction
    Refusal for Cause
  • Dismissal of Action
  • How to Appear (or Not) in Court


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Click here for webinar samples from the GTEN Private Trust Education Series.

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