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This course is presented in 6 modules, one for each major phase of corporate credit building. Each module contains specific step-by-step instructions and vital tips and tricks.

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Corporate Credit Fast-Track
Step-By-Step Credit Funding


What if your personal credit reports and credit scores no longer mattered, even if you have a charge-off, foreclosure, tax lien, judgment or bankruptcy on your reports?

Corporate credit is simply a better way to borrow than with personal credit cards, personal car loans and mortgages in your name. There are a number of distinct advantages to using company credit rather than personal credit. Among them:

Personal privacy -  Personal information such as a Social Security Number need not be given.
Sovereignty - Allows one to stop making minimum contacts in the public forum and thereby stop giving personal jurisdiction.
Tax write-offs - Cars, real property and credit card expenses become tax deductions (check with your accountant - we don't give tax advice).
Higher credit limits - Banks know that companies need more credit than individuals.
No credit ceiling - Lendability and credit limits increase the more credit a company gains, unlike personal credit which caps out.
Better credit terms - Typically banks offer more favorable interest rates and terms to companies than to individuals.
No personal liability for the debts - If a company goes bankrupt, for example, its shareholders and officers are not personally liable.
Faster lendability than fixing poor credit - The time to heal personal credit is  7-10 years. A company can be lendable in less than a year.

In this course we show how to build corporate credit, step by step, in a fraction of the time it takes most companies to become lendable--and in a fraction of the time it takes to restore damaged personal credit.

Having credit is a way of life in the world today. It's important to be able to use credit lines for life and business. To buy online, rent a car, pay a bill... Life without credit is incredibly inconvenient. But personal credit is an inferior way to operate, and, if you slip up and damage your credit, you lose lendable status and experience the inconvenience of little or no credit.

Business credit is superior to personal credit, but the typical business takes 4-10 years to establish good credit, and many small business owners make the mistake of giving personal guarantees on business lines of credit so they'll be lendable faster, in 2-3 years, but then they're personally liable for the debts of their business. If the business fails, they fail with it, and their personal credit is ruined too.

This course demonstrates the specific steps and tricks to establish corporate credit in the least amount of time possible. Following the steps of this course, a business can establish an 80 Paydex score (lendability status) on Dunn and Brad Street in 120 days and be eligible for unsecured lines of credit in less than a year.

About ten years ago, a business partner and I [Christian, GTEN Trustee] paid $7,500 to learn the methodology, tips and tricks to establish corporate credit. We then used the methods and improved upon them. We built strong companies with excellent credit ratings and fine-tuned the process over a five year period. This course presents everything we learned and everything you need to know. And in typical GTEN fashion, we're making the knowledge affordable for our members so you can put it to good use. 

One caveat... While we can make the understanding affordable, it does cost money to establish business credit. There are costs involved you need to be aware of, and these costs are higher than our suggested donation amount. The adage "you have to spend money to make money" applies here. Some of the costs include: incorporation, mailing address, land line, office supplies and other purchases. We'll show you the tricks for spending as little as possible, but the costs do add up in the first 120 days (and these expenses are not paid to us but rather the costs of you doing business with other companies). After 120 days the costs are minimal.

This course, unlike our others, is not a webinar series. Corporate Credit Fast-Track is presented in written format on the GTEN Forum. You'll have everything laid out step by step with complete instructions. You can go through the steps at your own pace, you can ask questions and get answers, you can see other people's questions and answers, you can relate your experiences, you can learn from the experiences others are having, you can share tips with each other, and you can network with others (and actually boost each other's credit scores!). Given the nature of this subject, we think the GTEN Forum proved to be the ideal format.

Corporate Credit Fast-Track is on the GTEN Forum now!

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