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Series of 12 videos plus reading materials and sample documents, including the full administrative process.

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Administrative Justice
The Power of Contractual Due Process

When controversies arise, the Trustees of GTEN contract privately to handle any and all such controversies commercially. In this course we will present, explain, discuss and dissect the methods and documents we use to:

  • Control the contracts we enter into
  • Establish disputed facts privately by administrative process
  • Disqualify debt collectors (and make them go away)
  • Void a driver's license or other State or Federal contract ab initio (as if it never existed)
  • Void traffic tickets, cancel fines and cancel traffic court appearances
  • Enforce any agreement

Specifically, this course will cover the following tools utilized by the Trustees of GTEN to settle any controversy:

  • Administrative procedure
  • Affidavits
  • Due process
  • Service of process
  • Witness
  • Adjudication
  • Administrative judgments
  • Commercial liens
  • Public notice
  • The entry of private evidence into public court for summary judgment

We feel these methods and tools can be instrumental to the success of any individual or organization operating from the private out into the public, as they enable any controversy to be settled and remedy to be obtained without the need to give jurisdiction to another authority (e.g. court). We will do our best to show every detail, and we commit to answering every question to ensure your understanding and success.

Administrative Justice consists of 12 hours of video presentations plus reading materials and sample documents, and registration also includes one year membership to GTEN.org and the GTEN Forum. 

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