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March 3, 2015 : Bad Cop, No Donut


New Trust Fund Holds Officers Accountable for Excessive Force

By Bill Dunn

The Ferguson tragedy, the deaths of Mike Brown, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner, the indictment of 18 Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies by the FBI for excessive force, the resignation of L.A. Sheriff LeRoy Baca in the wake of countless police brutality charges, the imprisonment of L.A. Sheriff’s deputies for interfering with police brutality case witnesses… Incidents of excessive force and cover-up lead today's news stories nationwide. Too often, the offenders go untried and unpunished due to a lack of financial resources for victims to pursue just retribution in court. But this may be changing, thanks to a new crowdfunding campaign.

The Global Trust Education Network (GTEN), an organization that teaches natural rights, freedom and trusts, has begun to help victims of police brutality fight their cases in court and help establish economic and racial justice. The Trustees of GTEN have created a private trust fund to assist victims in bringing their excessive force cases to trial, and they are crowdfunding the trust fund through Indiegogo with a campaign called Bad Cop No Donut (http://igg.me/at/badcop).

Read more: March 3, 2015 : Bad Cop, No Donut

June 10, 2015 : Natural Cancer Cures

Greetings members and friends,
We're changing things up for the summer.
We've recently learned that one of our own GTEN family has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at age 48. His doctors give him 6 months without treatment or 2 years with chemotherapy. That's not acceptable, and it's incorrect, given there are an estimated 400+ known naturopathic cancer treatments, many of which work better than chemo, and we're confident that some combination of them will effectively treat and eliminate the disease. We're all one degree of separation, at most, from somebody with cancer. We can no longer afford the dogma of the AMA, bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. It's time we get the facts straight for everyone's benefit. 
In speaking with Gordon two days ago, he mentioned that what he really needs most--and right away--is a research team to get to the bottom of the most effective and efficient cures. Since we, the trustees and members of GTEN, are a collective of highly capable researchers, we've volunteered the service and resources of this community. We invite you to join us in this fascinating, timely and essential study of what's possible today with naturopathic, holistic and alternative cancer cures.
The first step is an intensive one-week study, starting immediately. Gordon has about one week to either begin chemotherapy or choose viable, better alternatives. Then we'll continue from there with less need for haste and more time for broader exploration of the available treatments.
If you're already knowledgeable in this area or interested and willing to assist with the essential research, please join the conversation on the GTEN Forum here: GTEN.org/forum/natural-cancer-cures.
We believe the GTEN community can and will help save one life immediately and create a vast public repository of information that will continue to develop and assist many others, saving countless lives for years to come.
The Natural Cancer Cures discussion forum on the GTEN Forum is a free resource, open now and available to everyone. Please participate, post what you know right away, and add what you discover along the way. If you're tempted to email us, please consider posting to the forum instead. That way everyone benefits from what you know, learn or ask, and everyone can build on the information.
There are numerous topics posted already. All of them need further research. Please pick one or more that interests you and carry on the research or start new topics for others to build on.
If you know others whose input would be invaluable (almost everyone does), please forward this email and invite them to join us on the forum. 
Best wishes, 
And thanks,
GTEN Trustees
PS: This is our GTEN topic for the summer. We've chosen the topic of how to create corporate credit for the fall, and we look forward to that as well. We'll post and send the details on that course soon.

September 23, 2014 : Administrative Justice announced

The next live GTEN webinar series is scheduled for January:  Administrative Justice, the Power of Contractual Due Process. Sign up now to reserve a spot at the lowest cost.

Establish disputed facts privately by administrative process, disqualify debt collectors, void a driver's license or other contract ab initio, void traffic tickets, eliminate court appearances, obtain private adjudication of any controversy, and enforce any agreement. Click the link below for full details.

Read More details on Administrative Justice  >>

September 24, 2014 : D.I.Y. Trusts & Non-Profits

D.I.Y. Trusts & Non-Profits

Do you have an idea for a charity or need to set up a trust? The Global Trust Education Network (GTEN), an educator of private individuals, trustees and directors of not-for-profit organizations, announced this week the public launch of the GTEN Forum, a free online community resource to discuss topics such as natural law, organic laws, rights, freedom, commerce, contracts, trusts, asset protection, non-profits, consciousness and conscious creation. 

The new GTEN Forum is free online at GTEN.org/forum. The goal of GTEN.org is to provide both the know-how and the network for the awake and aware to accomplish meaningful change.

There are many challenges facing mankind today that make this a pivotal time in history. But all problems, no matter how seemingly immense, are also opportunities when viewed from a different perspective. A measurable shift in consciousness is taking place, and brilliant minds around the globe are working on solutions for how we progress and evolve from here. The GTEN Forum provides an important new platform for education and meaningful community interaction to assist in creating a future that works for all life.

 Scientist Tom Campbell, in his May 26, 2014 YouTube video Tom Campbell: The History of Enlightenment From a Scientific Viewpoint, points out that many bright spots of enlightenment throughout history have largely failed to effect meaningful change. What makes today's conscious awakening different, says Campbell, is our ability to communicate through technology with anyone on the planet and propagate ideas across the broad spectrum of humanity. Everyone, says Campbell, with just about any belief system, can plug into the picture that forms from our collective knowledge, and the internet provides the infrastructure to connect us and the means to unify us in our understanding. According to Campbell, we now have the pieces in place to evolve by our interaction, and mankind's evolution can start to accelerate in a cooperative manner.

 The Global Trust Education Network (GTEN) is a not-for-profit private trust formed in 2012 to educate individuals in the areas of private and charitable trusts, not-for-profit organizations and conscious entrepreneurship. GTEN helps individuals create and administer their organizations on a solid foundation, without the typical high startup costs of legal fees. GTEN.org offers online webinars on private trusts, trust web structures, exempt organizations, unalienable rights, taxation and private contracts. GTEN.org currently has over 600 active members and provides a vast resource for anyone to competently create, establish and administer his or her vision for the world.

 To get involved or learn more, visit GTEN.org/forum

July 28, 2014 : Official launch of the GTEN Forum, a free online community resource!

We are thrilled to announce the public launch of the GTEN Forum, our newest online resource!

The GTEN Forum is a free meeting place to discuss a wide range of topics related to consciousness, natural law, the organic laws, rights, freedom, sovereignty, commerce, contracts, trusts, asset protection, conscious creation, healthy living and the like. It features both public and private discussion forums in a robust, searchable format that will form a large knowledge base and a valuable resource for an enlightened community.
Visit GTEN.org/forum and interact with knowledgeable trustees of private trusts, savvy practitioners of freedom, and conscious creators of meaningful change for a world that works for all life.
There's no cost to use the GTEN Forum. Come ask questions, post your knowledge, meet others who share your understandings and be a part of the Global Trust Education Network online community at GTEN.org/forum!
GTEN Trustees

January 28, 2014 : Tomorrow's webinar: Living Free of the System


We have a special guest for you tomorrow evening, Eric, a most valued member of the GTEN network. Together we will engage in a comprehensive breakdown of the subjects of lawful money and the income tax as intended by the Organic Laws and Congress and as interpreted through the eyes of the Supreme Court. Each member will learn whether or not the income tax is constitutional, how it works and whether or not it rightly applies to you.

As always, tomorrow night's session will be video recorded for those with scheduling conflicts.
See you on the air tomorrow!

January 3, 2014 : Season's greetings

Season's greetings,
Last season's fruit is eaten 
And the fullfed beast shall kick the empty pail. 
For last year's words belong to last year's language 
And next year's words await another voice.
-T.S. Eliot, from Little Gidding
May the language and voice of the new year create new possibilities and new wonder. The stories of the past and stories of the future are just that--story. By living in the present we find truth.
Thank you for your support and engagement. All the best to you and yours in the new year. 
With love,
Christian, PJ & Michael

October 18, 2013 : Trust Indenture Workshop III announced

We are pleased to announce the rescheduled webinar date for the free additional 8th webinar of Private Trust Education.

Trust Indenture Workshop, Part III (Revised Indenture)
The Capacity of a Free Inhabitant
October 23, 2013 at 5pm PT, 8pm ET 

The new revised GTEN sample indenture is available in the Member Portal under Private Trust Education Webinar 6. Please download it, read it carefully and prepare any questions you might have for the upcoming webinar.

This webinar is a free update for all Private Trust Education students, past and present. We look forward to sharing information that brings both the trust indenture and the understanding current for 2014.

See you on Wednesday!

October 31, 2013 : GTEN on Humanity Transcending

Tune in for a GTEN trustees PJ and Christian on the Humanity Transcending show on Revolution Radio tomorrow, Thursday Oct 31, 9am PT, 12pm-2pm EST. We'll be discussing Living Free of the System, our upcoming webinar series. 


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