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April 1, 2013 : GTEN announces Project Pay-It-Forward!

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We're excited to announce Project Pay-It-Forward, GTEN's new donation model to maximize the benefit of GTEN and all donations GTEN receives. From this point forward, all donations will benefit not only GTEN and the donor but also another individual of the donor's choosing. Here's how it works:

When you donate to GTEN for one or more of our offerings, your registration is free, and your donation pays it forward for a new member of your choosing to join us in the same offering along with you. Just send us an email within 2 days of donating that gives us the name, email address, city and state of your chosen additional member, as well as the offering you registered for, and we will send a welcome email to the new member showing his or her membership and registration as a gift from you and providing login, password and details for GTEN.org.

We want to set an example of giving. With Project Pay-It-Forward, we give you your membership and registration for free whenever you give membership and registration to someone else. You can't buy anything. You can't even donate for yourself. But when you give for someone else, you get it for free.

Your invited new member must be a NEW member. That is, it must be an individual who has never been a member of GTEN.org. The idea is to expand the knowledge into the global community on a pay-it-forward basis.

We trust this will inspire and encourage you to give in all ways in your life. Our intention from the beginning has been to give more than we receive. We feel blessed to be able to offer Project Pay-It-Forward for everything we do from now on.

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