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July 24, 2013 : Independent review of GTEN's Right to Travel webinar

Awakening to Our Inherent, Unalienable Rights 

A Commentary on GTEN's Right to Travel Webinar Series

"We have to know what we can do in order to do what we can do... "As we awaken the first thing we need to know is our Rights..." - Right to Travel Webinar, GTEN

Enrollment in GTEN's Right to Travel webinar has yielded much clarity for me. Bringing case law and code side by side for comparison allows me to see for myself the stark distinctions between a right and a privilege, between the words and terms of the code versus the words and terms of rights.

This comprehensive, finely detailed and inspiring webinar is just part of an exquisite ongoing series of educational offerings from Global Trust Education Network. Other webinar series' include the Private Trust Education, Trust Web Structures, Living Free of the System and Exempt Organizations.

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