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July 28, 2014 : Official launch of the GTEN Forum, a free online community resource!

We are thrilled to announce the public launch of the GTEN Forum, our newest online resource!

The GTEN Forum is a free meeting place to discuss a wide range of topics related to consciousness, natural law, the organic laws, rights, freedom, sovereignty, commerce, contracts, trusts, asset protection, conscious creation, healthy living and the like. It features both public and private discussion forums in a robust, searchable format that will form a large knowledge base and a valuable resource for an enlightened community.
Visit GTEN.org/forum and interact with knowledgeable trustees of private trusts, savvy practitioners of freedom, and conscious creators of meaningful change for a world that works for all life.
There's no cost to use the GTEN Forum. Come ask questions, post your knowledge, meet others who share your understandings and be a part of the Global Trust Education Network online community at GTEN.org/forum!
GTEN Trustees

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