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TOPIC: Welcome to the Special Offers & Events Forum

Welcome to the Special Offers & Events Forum 10 years 1 month ago #62

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The Special Offers & Events Forum is a public bulletin board for posting information about upcoming events, products, services and opportunities that might be of interest to GTEN Forum users. It is a source of information for the happenings and offerings of this community. Anyone is welcome to post a topic here, provided you observe the following rules:

1. This is the ONLY part of the GTEN Forum that allows advertising. All posts of this type belong here and nowhere else on the GTEN Forum.

2. All offers made here must be SPECIAL offers just for GTEN Forum users. That is, they must be either free or unique opportunities made available here at a fraction of the price found elsewhere. As a standard of what constitutes "special", at the bare minimum, anything offered here for a price must be offered at a better price than can be found anywhere else. If your event or offering isn't free by nature, we recommend you use this forum to offer it at an extreme discount (50 to 100 percent off) to forum users.

3. Creativity is encouraged. Forum users will be able to reply to special offer topics. So, for example, your topic post could say something like, "If 5 forum users sign up together, all 5 will receive a 50% discount". Then let the forum discussion take it from there.

4. If you participate in a special offer, please write a review of the product, service or event as a reply to the offer so that other forum users who may be considering the offer will benefit from your experience and also so that offerors will have social proof to support their offerings.

5. We hope this forum section will be a community builder, not a spam collector. If you see a post that appears to have slipped through the cracks and is, in your view, outright spam, please flag it for the moderator to review.

6. Notices or ads posted here must be relevant to the purposes and topics of the GTEN Forum and desirable information for forum users. While advertising a regional freedom study group, an upcoming seminar on consciousness or a book on trusts would be welcomed here, for example, marketing life insurance or discount wireless service is not. Between these examples lies a large grey area open to subjective interpretation of what's appropriate here. You should be sure to spin your offering in such a way that the moderator and forum users will consider it a relevant, positive offering and not spam. Content evaluation is subjective, and the forum moderator and other forum users will be the judge and jury regarding offerors' content. If your post is denied by the moderator or flagged as inappropriate by another user, it will or may be deleted at the sole discretion of the moderator. If that happens, you may contact us for more information and restructure your offering to meet the guidelines. Seeking clarity is fine. Arguing won't help you. If your post is deemed to be outright spam, you will most likely lose your forum privileges.

7. Neither GTEN, GTEN.org, the GTEN Forum, GTEN trustee(s), GTEN administrator(s), nor GTEN Forum moderator(s) is responsible or liable for the content of special offers made by forum users. If you find a special offer isn't legitimate, you should flag it for the moderator, write a review, and then take it up with the offeror. We do not tolerate false claims. However, we do not investigate the claims made by offerors before allowing them to post here. Buyer beware.

8. Anyone caught scamming forum users will be deleted from this forum entirely.

9. Become a contributing forum user before posting special offers or events, or better yet become a GTEN.org member. Your level of involvement in GTEN.org and the GTEN Forum will make a difference in the moderator's evaluation of your special offer post. This allows leeway for our community to express itself while keeping spammers away.

We hope this Special Offers & Events Forum fills a need and serves our community well. Please use it! And please help us keep it clean and informative.

GTEN Trustees
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