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TOPIC: jury duty question

jury duty question 10 years 2 weeks ago #75

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Hi folks,

We received the following question in an email from one of our members. It struck me as a great question to learn from, so I'm sharing it here along with the answer provided. The member's personal information has been removed.


My person has received a summons for jury duty next month. I submitted a request for permanent exemption claiming:

1. Undue hardship
2. Extreme inconvenience
3. Disqualifying condition - not a "citizen of the United States" (affidavit attached to request)
4. Express revocation of administrative authority / power of attorney (affidavit attached to request)
5. Do not associate with their body politic (copy of voter cancellation confirmation attached to request)
6. Could not "swear" that I am the person -- I am the man commonly referred to as ... etc
7. Pointed out that their sentence in the summons "jury service is one of the fundamental rights, privileges, and duties of living in a democratic society" does not apply to those living in the Republic.

Only to find out that they denied the request. Any tips on what I can do from here?


Despite your best intentions, you've made a tactical error. An exemption is a privilege. If you are requesting an exemption, you are making application (begging) for a benefit. Therefore your request is fatally flawed, and I'm not surprised it was denied.

An interesting set of duties properly applies to the free inhabitant or sovereign elector. The role of the people (free inhabitants/sovereign electors) is to create and elect the government and to serve as jurors in the furtherance of justice for all. However, although the people did once form the governments of the states and the nation, and the people once formed the juries, the situation has changed in the course of US history to where now the citizen subject, the legal fiction, is the voter and the juror. While the free inhabitant still has the responsibility of being a juror, the jury that such a sovereign individual would serve on would only be a common law jury in an Article 3 court, not a citizen juror in an Article 1 court (which is an extension of legislature, not judiciary).

Another thing to note is that sovereigns do not request or apply (beg). They give notice, give orders, issue writs and exercise the unalienable right to contract. As a free inhabitant, there is no need to request anything and thereby create the option of being denied. I just tell them the way things are and the way they will be from now on.

If I were in your shoes, I think I'd serve jury duty this time (since you've already made application for an exemption-- which means you acted as a subject citizen, no matter what you said you are--and your application was denied), and I would handle it differently in the future. But that's up to you.

Here's how I handle such things. First, I don't vote, since voting is now a privilege of citizenship in this country and no longer the role of the sovereign (and the political system provides only the illusion of choice anyway). I hope to see a system in the future that returns the power of the vote to the people. Until the current corrupt system fails, I'll voice my vote by my actions rather than a hanging chad. The voter registration role is where the jury duty list comes from. Second, I don't register for anything governmental such as a license or benefit. Third, I don't use the legal fiction with the all caps name for anything. Fourth, I don't give the post office a forwarding address when I move. I notify those I choose to do business with of my new address, and my friends all know how to reach me by phone or email. As a result of these things, the government has no idea where to send mail to the all caps person, so I never receive a summons for jury duty. If somehow the all caps name juristic person does receive mail at my address--from any entity--I mark it RTS for return to sender, as I no longer accept mail for that legal fiction entity, and I mail it back from a post office other than my own (so the postmaster at my office doesn't get confused and stop delivering mail that's properly addressed to me). With these practices I never receive a summons for jury duty.

On this point:

4. Express revocation of administrative authority / power of attorney (affidavit attached to request)

Did you send this to the Social Security Administration? That's where it belongs. That's where the power of attorney contract lies.

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jury duty question 9 years 11 months ago #102

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the last time i, got a summons for jury duty, i, believe that i, returned the summons along with a copy of the voter rescission for my person and indicated that i, am not qualified... (checking the archive)

correction... wrote to the woman acting as president judge for the court and informed her that her offer to contract is not accepted along with the rescission sent to the man acting as county registrar...

been close to a year and have not heard from the man or the woman since...


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