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TOPIC: Real or wishful thinking?

Real or wishful thinking? 8 years 3 months ago #627

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Hello Christian and PJ -

I'm wondering if you'd consider creating a GTEN offering that could research and report on the validity of some of the popular theories floating around. I'm particularly interested proving or debunking the following statements and would be SO willing to pay for it -

1. a birth certificate authenticated by the Sec of State is a 'letter of credit' that can be used to discharge debt through Treasury

2. a declaration stating one is not a belligerent and is peacefully domiciling outside a federal district, that is recorded in your county, protects you and your stuff from being treated as a spoil of war from the occupying de facto government

3. buying the DBA of your all caps name in your state proves you have ownership of the ens legis entity the government created for you and prevents the government's use of it

4. the government went bankrupt in 1933 and was forced to take its currency out of circulation in favor of FRNs

5. in exchange for taking lawful money away the government agreed to satisfy the debts of its citizens

6. HJR 192 is proof that the government is obligated to pay its citizen's debts

7. the government pledged the income and assets of its citizens to its creditor(s) in the bankruptcy

8. all things "registered" (including births) are being held by the government in trust for the owner but are being used by the Trustee (government) until the owner/beneficiary comes of age and claims them

9. One comes of age - or reaches the age of majority by claiming ownership of the Birth Certificate... and/or NAME.

There are probably many other ideas flying around that we would all like to know about and you guys are the most trusted source I can think of to research them - your attention to detail and insistence on finding the truth is impeccable.

I know researching these things takes a lot of time and it wouldn't be economically feasible for me to dive into it but since you already have a large body of data and a group of members hungry for the truth, I thought I'd see if you'd consider it...

all the best - Megaera
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Real or wishful thinking? 8 years 2 months ago #630

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Well, that's quite the list of patriot/sovereign/creditor movement topics, most of which combine facts, opinions and myth. We touch on some of these items throughout our courses. My personal opinion is that most of the underlying realities are true, if perhaps also a bit misunderstood, yet the commonly discussed remedies are often ill-conceived, half baked solutions. The reason is that the underlying realities that are true are provable, and the remedies so far have not been shown to consistently work. I think there are a number of reasons the proffered remedies demonstrate inconsistent results. The two big ones, in my mind, are: 1) They're not quite correct in their approach and/or execution, and, 2) The powers that be keep changing the response to these attempts to protect their interests. So whenever a remedy such as one of these starts working, policies are changed to halt that remedy's effectiveness. It's like a shell game, where the prize keeps moving to keep you guessing.

We've made a deliberate choice to teach topics that are grounded in authoritative source material and that consistently work because they're unquestionably real and provably so. We've had our eyes on the questions you raise for a decade, and we do watch the developments in those areas quite closely. When any one of them meets our criteria for validation by authoritative sources and provable, consistent results, we'll be glad to teach it. We want the armor we give you to be strong and flawless. I like to think of the topics you raise as cracks in the armor of the powers that be, having little or nothing to do with my armor, which is stronger. And the cracks in the armor of the powers that be do seem to be widening, which is always interesting to keep an eye on.
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