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This series includes 13 hours of streaming videos, extensive source materials and sample documents for download. 

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Living Free of the System
A Guide to Private Banking in Lawful Money

The truth about the income tax.

This course is the seminal, authoritative and conclusive presentation on the subject of the federal personal income tax. The internet and book stores are full of pages on the subject of taxation: is it legal, is it constitutional, is it voluntary, what is it, and do I need to pay it? In almost every case, the information presented is opinionated, biased, incomplete or incorrect and has the potential to get you into serious trouble with the IRS. Living Free of the System, in contrast, is a complete and correct assessment of money and the income tax, how they work together, and how one can earn a living and bank properly to lawfully avoid federal income tax obligation. By presenting nothing but sources of authority (Organic Laws, Supreme Court decisions, Congressional Records, Statutes at Large, and publications of the Treasury, Federal Reserve and IRS), we dispel the tax myths and the tax protestors' myths alike to reveal exactly what the income tax is, how one becomes liable for the income tax, and how one is not liable for the income tax.

Opinions, theories, dogma and conjecture have no place in this course. We concern ourselves only with what's demonstrably true, and we demonstrate what's true without need for reliance on anything but original, authoritative source material. We take a neutral stance without opinion, we do not offer tax advice, we lay out the law, we let you see the truth for what it is, and we show you how we work and bank without income tax obligation. There's no need to take our word for anything and no need for a leap of faith since everything we present is direct from the most authoritative sources on the subject.

Are you a taxpayer required to pay income tax this year? Probably not. Can you prove it? Yes. One letter to the IRS is all it has taken for us to zero out alleged tax debt, provided the proper steps were taken during the year in question. When the right course of action is followed and the truth comes out, there is no valid rebuttal by the IRS, and they know it, and they don't even try. They just zero the balance and withdraw their claim.

This course is about setting up right for a future without federal income tax obligation and without fear of invasive IRS claims, audits, liens and levies. It is the comprehensive, lawful solution to the income tax. The principles, once fully understood, are simple and easily applied, but the remedy is forward-looking in terms of its application. In other words, this is not necessarily a solution for past tax issues and may or may not help with alleged tax obligations from previous years. If the IRS claims you presently owe a tax, they could be right. However, their present claims can be their last bite at the apple for a lifetime of tax freedom from this point forward.

The 85 GTEN.org members who participated in the initial live presentations of this course were asked this simple question in a survey at the end of the second presentation, which delivered the bulk of the source material: "In your informed opinion, are you a taxpayer?" Based on what they had learned, 100% of respondents said "No".

This course is for anyone who wants to learn to bank without entering the federal forum jurisdiction, work without a legal income tax obligation and live without compromising your assets and freedom. This information is applicable to any natural person, whether a private trust or an individual, and you do not need to have studied with us in the past to understand this material.


Understand money:

Currency (elastic and inelastic) 
Legal tender
Federal Reserve Notes
Lawful money
Coin money

Understand the income tax:

The 16th Amendment - did it expand the government's power of taxation?
Supreme Court rulings - the nature of the income tax
What is the basis for income tax liability?
The truth about the income tax

Bank in lawful money (income tax non-obligated):

Deposit checks
Write checks
Withdraw cash
Spend cash
Pay bills
Block bank accounts from attachment by other parties
Trust accounts
Special deposits


Get paid in lawful money (income tax non-obligated):

Employment without using an SSN
Sample employment forms (I-9, W-4, job applications, etc.)

This course is presented in 13 hours of streaming videos that you can go through at your own pace and downloadable documentation of all the cited source materials, sample forms and sample documents presented in the videos. It is the equivalent of a college level course--on a subject no college will ever teach. It's life changing. The understanding will benefit you for a lifetime and benefit your family for generations. Registration includes one year of membership to GTEN.org.

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Living Free of the System
A Guide to Private Banking in Lawful Money

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