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 The Global Trust Education Network Presents:


 Series of 17 Videos (about 20 hours of video content),
Reading Materials & Trust Documents

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Private Trust Education

Many people these days have gained a little knowledge about trusts or even a theoretical understanding of them, enough to see some important reasons to operate in trust but not enough yet to do it competently or with confidence. A few people possess a great deal of knowledge about trusts, and they wouldn't operate any other way. Our goal is to move our members from the former category to the latter, so we created the GTEN Private Trust Education program to do it.

In these 17 videos we share the concepts and source material for effective trusteeship to enable GTEN.org members to act with confidence going forward in trust.
We share both our foundational research sources and our private express trust indenture. Each individual who completes the program receives the complete trust indenture and all documentation needed for its establishment and ongoing operation.

Operating as a trustee in commerce       

  • Duties of a trustee
  • Public interaction
  • Compensation
  • Private contracts between 
    trustees and the trust
  • Commingling assets
  • Fraudulent transfers
  • Breach of trust
  • Banking

Knowing who, what & where you are       

  • What is a trust? A brief history
  • How is a trust made
  • The intention
  • The Constitution is a trust
  • Protection of rights
  • Law form
  • Situs
  • Jurisdiction
  • The Uniform Trust Code (UTC)
  • Rights
  • Obligations
  • Accounting
  • Minimum contacts
  • Private agreements

How to properly lien the “person”     

  • Purpose(s)
  • Identifying the parties
  • Third party witnesses and appraisers
  • Agreement
  • Collateral
  • Notice
  • Recording and publishing

Trust party relationships

  • Trust parties
  • The trustor
  • The trustee
  • The beneficiary
  • The successor
  • The exchanger
  • The protector
  • The secretary
  • The authorized representative
  • Operating in private trust

Indenture workshops I & II 
(includes full trust indenture & documents)

  • The creation
  • The intention
  • Parties
  • Rights
  • Obligations
  • The indenture
  • Assignments
  • The res
  • Articles and bylaws
  • Schedules
  • Revokability/irrevocability
  • Situs, jurisdiction and privacy
  • Acknowledgment
  • Minutes and resolutions
  • Vesting the trust
  • Administration
  • Banking resolution
  • Opening an account
  • Operating at arms length
  • Disposition
  • Conclusion

Indenture workshop III
(fully revised trust indenture)

  • A complete walk-through and discussion
    the new GTEN sample trust indenture,
    fully revised and updated 
  • A review of many of the principles 
    discussed in the indenture workshops I
    and II and throughout the course



The program consists of 17 videos (about 20 hours of video content), reading materials and samples of all the documentation needed to set up and operate a private express trust. 

The typical cost to purchase a private express trust of this sort is $2,000 to $7,000, and that does not include education on the principles or how to operate (which makes it essentially useless).

If you register and donate $596 you will receive instant access to the 17-part webinar series, the full trust indenture, all operating documents, highly relevant reading materials and one year of membership to GTEN.org and its vast member library and forum. Significant value, we hope you will agree.


Click here for webinar samples from the GTEN Private Trust Education Series.


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Private Trust Education

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