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TOPIC: Services Offered: Research, Investigation, Analysis & Presentation.

Services Offered: Research, Investigation, Analysis & Presentation. 4 months 1 week ago #955



Thank you GTEN Members for visiting my post. I’m Siobhan Erica and I would like to assist you in the areas of research, investigation, analyzation of information and presentation of findings.

Located on Long Island, New York, I can work from home or in your local office.

My home office is equipped with a high-speed printer, fax and scanner, laptop computer, phone and wifi.

I’m an avid reader and regularly self-educate, as well as take trainings regarding different subjects.

I am energized by looking for and finding information, connecting dots – analyzing information. I find being “hot-on-the-trail” invigorating – meaning I enjoy the discovery process of whatever area of research I am involved in.

I’m open to working on a variety of subjects for research, however what I am skilled and proficient in is listed below.

Extensive Experience:

-Real Property Records Research, Property Ownership Searches.

-Identifying Hard-To-Find Owners of Commercial and Residential Properties.

-Lifting the Corporate Veil.

-Finding and Assessing Real Property Foreclosures.

-Funding/Disburment of Mortgage Loan Funds (for purchases and refinances). Acting as Closing Agent for Mortgage Lenders’ Attorney. I.e. At the closing table. Reviewing loan documents with the borrower(s), gathering up the data for disbursements to be made, making the appropriate calculations and writing checks at the table/disbursing the funds.

-Acting as a Process Server, a sworn Witness to an Event or Act, and Keeper of Records.

-Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office applications.


-Analyzing Mortgage Lending Documents.

-Reviewing Court Case Minutes/Records.

-UCC and County Lien Searches, UCC Filings, Recording Documents with County Clerk.

-LLC Filings, EIN# Acquisition.

-Letters of Intent (real property).

-Sales Contracts (real property).

-Video making, writing and blogging, website design.

–Online store creation and administration.


-E-course creation and content delivery.



-Public speaking.


-Marriage Officiation.

Soft Skills:

-Attention to detail
-Clear communication
-Problem solving
-Deep listening
-Collaboration & teamwork
-Logical thinking
-Creative design
-Analytical mind
-Solution Oriented
-Sense of humor
-Easy to work with
-Customer satisfaction oriented
-Positive disposition

*Current and older References are available upon request.

*A time-line of employers, employer contact information, and job description is available upon request.

*A list of trainings I’ve taken, certifications and education I’ve acquired is available upon request.

I look forward to connecting.

-Siobhan Erica
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