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TOPIC: I'm not dead yet; Or=> the 'cancer' hoax.

I'm not dead yet; Or=> the 'cancer' hoax. 7 years 7 months ago #477

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I was 'sposed to be dead a decade or so ago from a body filled with 'cancer'.

Looking at the common options and choosing to learn instead has kept me alive long past that deadline.

So - as someone who has been living with serious health challenges for too many decades, I must say that most of what I've learned that has actually helped me - goes very much against most of the commonly held mainstream MedSci ideas...

- The biggest one for me was finally observing & admitting to myself that the MedSci folks are ONLY about commerce & profit and NOT a'tall about helping anyone to attain better health - just their own ever-fattening wallets.
Getting done with the dr. folks & their tricks all by itself brought huge benefits for me.

- I've come to see that lots of genuine healers are NOT labeled 'dr.' - and very few who do have the 'dr.' label are in any manner healers.

- Most of what it has taken to get my body to heal has been very simple & free from any fancy technology or 'protocol'.

- Detoxification, eating better foods and simple supplementation have been absolutely critical in the health gains I have made.

- In the realm of eating better foods, the biggest gains were accomplished by eliminating ALL sweets from the food intake.

- After that stuff, next came the (franken-)wheat, cow products, soy, corn and other stuff that may taste good, but is an intolerably poor idea to ever put into one's mouth.

- Other important things that have gone away include the TV, radio and just about all sources of mainstream 'news'.

It has been incredible to me how it is possible that simply having a life more centered upon personal peace & harmony is able to bring so very many benefits.

One very striking feature of being rid of so much toxic stuff that is considered as 'normal' in this poor, sick, tired world - is how easy it has become to not even think about the stuff that is no longer in my life - none of it is missed in the slightest.

Realizing that all the fancy, complicated technology, labels and MedSci ideas that point at causes OUTSIDE my body were incorrect - and that thus far all the illnesses I have suffered have simply been combinations of my foolishly putting bad things into my body combined with the natural actions of invaders already present - has cleared the way for greater healing for me than I ever saw in the 4 decades of living prior to my waking up to better choices.

Best Wishes to All !!
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