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TOPIC: Cosmic Wrecking Balls - (toxic metals & chemicals)

Cosmic Wrecking Balls - (toxic metals & chemicals) 7 years 7 months ago #467

As a stage 4 situation - very high dose I.V. Vitamin C (building up from approx. 50 Gm/I.V. dose - to at least 150Gm/I.V.dose - two or more times per week - depending upon the individuals response can turn a bad situation around. Ensuring all pathways of detoxification / elimination are functioning optimally is critical. Alkalizing the body (this can be done even during I.V. Vit.C) can be miraculous. Sodium Bicarbonate - I.V. appropriately administered. There is a Dr.Gonzales (I think) in New York - who has a remarkable reputation with injecting the sodium bicarb directly into tumors - simple fact - cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment.

As a practicing Doctor of Oriental & Integrative Medicine physician - I can positively declare that I've NEVER seen a cancer where one or more toxin(s) was NOT present & wreaking havoc. Many of the topics that have been submitted present marvelous treatments - may of which I have used with varying degrees of success. However- until the offending toxin(s) are removed - their effects will be much like trying to rebuild a house that is still on fire.

Furthermore - many cancers are hormonally mediated - so it would be very helpful to know a bit more about the individual dealing with this crisis (male / female - age - type of cancer (where is it?) - history of toxic exposures - i.e. ever been around crop dusters - industrial exposures, etc...) etc...

The Riordan Clinic in Wichita, KS employs nutritional solutions to health issues (including cancer) - https://riordanclinic.org/
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