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TOPIC: DDD[DC] A Public-Servant Accommodation Trust

DDD[DC] A Public-Servant Accommodation Trust 1 year 10 months ago #1041

Due to the fact that many of today's Public-servants are acting inappropriately, in a multitude of ways--such as brutality, abuses of power, deliberate, indifference, etc... [The list goes on ad-infinitum]. These actions fall within the classification: UBIQUITOUS MALFEASANCE.
In response to the growing demand for remedies, the DDD [DC] has come into being, as a real solution, with astounding implications--to wit:
I must first go into my opinion on why those in power do bad things. This opinion is applicable to all phases of the legal system, and has been formulated by my own first-hand experiences with said system of 'would-be authorities': police, attorneys, corrections officers, probation officers, bailiffs, even judges. First reason: Some people enjoy wielding authority over those who they feel superior to in some way, shape or form ; Second reason: Some people are bullies, original bullies because the lack human compassion OR because they themselves were bullied by their peers, a parent(s), etc... and they lash out at others in an effort to resolve some of their pent-up anger (they are hurting inside, and they really don't like themselves; thus, it is difficult for them to like, respect or be able to genuinely connect with others; Third reason: Where police and CO's are concerned--the pay is good and to a greater of lesser extent a limited higher education is necessary; Where lawyers and judges are concerned there may be a multitude of factors, the most prevalent being--as :David-Wynn: Miller (may he rest in peace) pointed out so aptly--those who lie together, lay together. Greed and Power prevail in the realm of the court system.
Given the fact that we are all human beings, none are immune from the propensities of human-life, its vices, temptations, addictions, fetishes, greed, and lust. As my father says in support of why he has managed to live thus far to 94-years-of-age, is this: "Those people who are in Hollywood, and other wealthy people, they live complicated lives, they engage in long hours, bad habits, drinking, drugs...me I take a 2 hour nap, I eat 2 meals a day, maybe 3, I am around people I love and so there is no reason why I cannot live until 100." CONSEQUENTLY, those who work in the prison, jail system, although they get paid well for being "well-paid baby-sitters" (as stated by a CO) they are often ‘mandated’ to work overtime, they do not enjoy this and by the time they make so much money in overtime--they are taxed abundantly, when they would prefer to rest, spend time with family, enjoy life, but they too work hand-to-mouth, and when they get time off they sleep. What a life. No and different than most hard-working people, paycheck to paycheck with little to no enjoyment--money chasing.
So now to the mechanism of the 'Public Servant Accommodation Trust':
We must realize that most of life’s necessities require $$$ and therefore, is it not unreasonable for any trustee acting as the ‘creditor’ of any trust/estate in an effort to benefit all beneficiaries to the exclusion of none, that everyone get there monetary needs met, this includes the bankrupted government of the U. S. A.
DDD [DC] =Dirty Deeds Done [Dirt Cheap] – the […] imply that the dirt cheap does not exist. In reality, dirty deeds imply a need for money with which to fulfill some essential need—therefore; in such instances:
1) The recipient of the Dirty Deed is covered by the Schedule of Values which matches the rate of Income per line item of a Positive Performance Schedule;
2) Dirty Deeds yield a considerable income for the Doer;
3) Remember the ACCOMMODATION? Borrow from Peter to pay Paul—the Doer of the Dirty is indebted to the Do-ee on an ‘Acceptance of the Positive Performance Contract’ as a contract implied by action;
4) As the Doer has no money to pay to Do-ee, per the calculations of the Schedule of Values, the income is paid by accommodation through the world-charitable trust organization;
5) The accommodation is made by an agent-trust (and withholding agent by definition with the IRS);
6) The Wages are subject to a commercial lien prior to the disbursement of funds. The first lien-holder must be satisfied first-in-line;
7) Because the IRS is notified by the withholding agent of the earnings of such Dirty Deed Doers, they are also responsible for paying the IRS taxes appropriate to such earnings;
8) The withholding agent trust only confiscates 90% of the earnings leaving the remainder of 10% for paying the IRS and possibly toward some charitable cause inclusive of any cause the Dirty Deed Doer may have such as a dependent/ill child, spouse, or other family member. The Doer may vote on where they would like the remaining funds to be allocated; however, on the basis of any show of remorse or not, grants for full or partial absolution may/may not be granted at the discretion of the Board.
This trust is already in existence and I am actively seeking other trustee’s to aid in the administration of the same. These calculations at (8) are rough and are open to suggestions on how to make this mechanism yield the proper result. As conscious life, wrong action ought to be dealt with swiftly and concisely as to make an impact; and to prevent future similar acts of those who seek to operate without the thought of ‘accountability.’ Simultaneously, in order to be forgiven we must forgive, and although the end-result is actually a ‘WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN’ scenario, the Doers term in the ‘Hot-seat’ (also a term which requires deliberation upon) ought to be sufficient enough to teach a profound lesson on how to be a good public servant—and correct any ‘master-type delusions.’
I AM a Public-Servant, and I approve this message.
MaggieMay OrMayNot
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