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What's your intention or project?

Trustee Network Forum
Thanks Christian,
I project I am working on starting is something I am calling the Sovereign Living Center here is a little I wrote about...
Category : Trustee Network Forum
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08 Jun 2018 20:00
Musings on your Mutli-dimensional Make-up.

There is nothing more riveting than that of discovering your True Nature. Your multi-dimensional make-up. How you work from the inside out.

Study, apply and practice the esoteric and metaphysical knowledge of the ages with the Human Power & Energy Academy online. A heart-centered, modern day, esoteric mystery school.

Your Multi-dimensional Make-up Video

For more of this conversation sign up to a sample of the Masterclass. Sign up is free and easy....
29 May 2018 16:08
Greetings GTEN Members,

I've a savory and sweet treat in store for you. For a limited time of 2 weeks starting from today May 29th, 2018, GTEN Members can save $150.00 on the Human Power & Energy Academy's Signature Masterclass "Unfolding Your True Nature". The most consolidated and comprehensive content out there on the subject of your physical, mental and spiritual nature, and the universal laws that govern each of those dimensions of yourself, expressed in plain language and through a...
23 May 2018 07:54
ZeroForce wrote:
Hello Forum,

If one has plans to sell a Private Express Trust in the future, are there extraordinary considerations for that?

This trust will be more of a holding company for several S-corps or even LLCs under it, if that has any bearing.

Thank you.

Private trusts exist by private contract under the private law of the contract. If there is nothing in the trust indenture that prohibits a sale, the trust can be sold or transferred freely. This will not affect the companies or other assets of...
28 Mar 2018 20:26
You're mixing concepts. A private trust can be tax non-obligated if properly administered. That has no bearing on the Living Free of the System course information. Living Free of the System shows how an American born free inhabitant can legally and lawfully avoid personal income tax liability as an employee.
25 Mar 2018 11:12
Hi all.

Does operating in trust in any given country apply equally to foreign-born citizens as it does natural-born citizens?

Here's an example of what I mean:

Let's say you're a Canadian citizen by birth. You create your U.S. corporation and fulfill all obligations under an E-2 VISA.

You get more freedom to visit and stay in the U.S while your business still runs. You pay corporate taxes. If you spend a certain amount of time, won't you be required to become a tax resident?

If you...
01 Nov 2017 07:03

I want to share an email exchange I had this week with a prospective GTEN.org member, Gregory, who is now a Trustee Network full member as of yesterday (thanks Gregory!). I think there's a lot of really good information in this conversation that's applicable to everyone. It gets interesting...

Does your material on trust jurisdiction go into At Law vs. Equity... and how to stay in the latter?

Looks like some great material you've assembled here.


Hi Gregory,

16 Oct 2017 11:45
Kahen wrote:
Yes Christian, I very much want to take the "Right to Travel" course. I heard either P.J or yourself explain that you were in a position to "refuse for cause" citations. Will the course put me in that position if I follow the process through successfully? The description of what the course offers mentions discussed topics, but there is no mention on whether the process is taught specifically or not. I need that process. Please forgive the skittish approach—bad experiences.

Yes, Right To...
12 Oct 2017 08:34
Kahen wrote:
Yes I see. The inhabitant must be considered separate from BOBBY JOE, the U.S corp. created entity. I have, via UCC and Declaration of name change, noticed the Secretary of state that I have a right of claim on BOBBY JOE since I created that entity via name change some years ago and UNKNOWINGLY gave the U.S corp rights of use. BOBBY JOE is not on the certificate of birth; it was inhabitant's creation. That is the in-road to the private Trust being able to claim "beneficial" ownership of BOBBY...
09 Oct 2017 11:16
Kahen wrote:
Yes it does. If say, "Billy Bob Trust" owned Bobby Joe, who has benefits, Billy Bob Trust can act as a representative and sign benefit paperwork on behalf of Bobby Joe (The trustee of Billy Bobs Trust signs). Thats what I understand from your answer. Thank you for this very much.

That's one way you could approach it. You might get some resistance. The fact is BOBBY J. JOE is actually a US franchise organization, and Billy Bob Trust may or may not be able to claim full title to the entity,...

Agile—A new kind of contract

Living Free of the System Discussion Forum
Hello fellow free inhabitants!

I wanted to bring attention to an evolutionary concept in development work that may serve many of us well....
Category : Living Free of the System Discussion Forum
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29 Jun 2017 19:50

Apparently, as it was explained today, as long as you select the "Other", as pertaining to requestor, as long as you are not a news organization, an educational institution, etc., as long as you are one of the people, you qualify for the first two hours of research free of charge, beyond that, it will cost you $60/hour to research your request.

Now, if you can narrow your request to as specific and particular as you can, and break up the request of documents singly, you may stand a...
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