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20 Apr 2019 09:08
Marijuana extracts are already FDA approved for treating nausea and poor appetite in seriously ill patients, so I don’t know where anyone gets the idea that there’s no money in it.

I’ve worked intensively with cancer patients and read reams of international research on marijuana and other non-traditional treatments. There’s evidence that marijuana can affect the brain and nervous system, but not in ways that will cure cancer. Because of its effects, I’d expect it might help some...
26 Jul 2018 05:16
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What's your intention or project?

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Thanks Christian,
I project I am working on starting is something I am calling the Sovereign Living Center here is a little I wrote about...
Category : Trustee Network Forum
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23 May 2018 07:54
ZeroForce wrote:
Hello Forum,

If one has plans to sell a Private Express Trust in the future, are there extraordinary considerations for that?

This trust will be more of a holding company for several S-corps or even LLCs under it, if that has any bearing.

Thank you.

Private trusts exist by private contract under the private law of the contract. If there is nothing in the trust indenture that prohibits a sale, the trust can be sold or transferred freely. This will not affect the companies or other assets of...
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