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26 Nov 2019 13:04
What is cannabis oil used for?
Cannabis oil can be beneficial in a variety of ways, from helping promote sleep to boosting appetite and reducing stress, anxiety and depression.


It is also said to have skincare benefits, such as preventing signs of ageing and protecting against eczema and psoriasis, so can also be applied to the surface of the skin.

Though research is limited, there is evidence to support the idea that medical marijuana, which...
22 Apr 2019 06:35
First and foremost, clarification on what forms of cannabis is safe for your pets needs to be made. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that has shown promise in helping pets with a wide variety of ailments, as it has with humans, with absolutely zero negative side effects. Giving your pets pure CBD, however, is much different than if they accidentally get into your weed stash or ingest edibles. Until more research is conducted, it is recommended you do not give your pets any...
20 Apr 2019 09:08
Marijuana extracts are already FDA approved for treating nausea and poor appetite in seriously ill patients, so I don’t know where anyone gets the idea that there’s no money in it.

I’ve worked intensively with cancer patients and read reams of international research on marijuana and other non-traditional treatments. There’s evidence that marijuana can affect the brain and nervous system, but not in ways that will cure cancer. Because of its effects, I’d expect it might help some...
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