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25 Mar 2020 00:36
Due to the fact that many of today's Public-servants are acting inappropriately, in a multitude of ways--such as brutality, abuses of power, deliberate, indifference, etc... [The list goes on ad-infinitum]. These actions fall within the classification: UBIQUITOUS MALFEASANCE.
In response to the growing demand for remedies, the DDD [DC] has come into being, as a real solution, with astounding implications--to wit:
I must first go into my opinion on why those in power do bad things. This opinion is applicable to all phases of...
22 Apr 2019 06:35
First and foremost, clarification on what forms of cannabis is safe for your pets needs to be made. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that has shown promise in helping pets with a wide variety of ailments, as it has with humans, with absolutely zero negative side effects. Giving your pets pure CBD, however, is much different than if they accidentally get into your weed stash or ingest edibles. Until more research is conducted, it is recommended you do not give your pets any...
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