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TOPIC: Artemisinin - nontoxic cancer treatment

Artemisinin - nontoxic cancer treatment 2 months 3 weeks ago #1007

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Artemisinin is a drug for malaria.

However, the University of Washington team of doctors created a sensation when

they announced a new treatment for cancers which is very effective and safe.

Not only that , Dr. N. Singh, who is one of the 3 doctors of this team found no type of cancer unresponsive to Artemisia derivatives in his studies. This translates that this treatment can be for all types of cancer.

In fact, chemotherapy is always toxic for patients and we are always looking for ways

that are safe since toxicity with chemo can affect our immune system, organs, kidneys

brain & nerves and other delicate bodies.

The UW team created a conjugated chemical which is artemisinin & tranferrin together

into one chemical.

Why transferrin ? because cancers need to accumulate iron for their

accelerated growth and cancers have transferrin receptors in their cell

walls which attracts transferrin and iron.

So the scientist got transferrin conjugated it to artemisinin, when that transferrin is taken in

by cancer, it also takes the artemisinin.

Their purpose was to increase and load enough artemisinin into cancers

and at a certain point - boom, the artemisinin reacts like an

explosion and kills the cancer. Artemisinin only reacts with ferrous iron

but not ferric -another form of iron.

But transferrin costs a lot of money.

And this treament is probably not available because of the cost.

But another company substituted transferrin

using vimentin in cancer as a target.

See this treatment at

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