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TOPIC: chemo herbs & tumor suppressor gene

chemo herbs & tumor suppressor gene 3 years 4 weeks ago #615

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The company Lux Health that makes this Cancer treatment states they keep up with new discoveries and treatments and I believe it's true.

Their Treatment for cancer is 2 strategies -
1st - herbs powerful like chemotherapy class of drugs but taken at the nontoxic dose. And
2nd - are 4 ingredients that target genes.

They started with 3 herbs that belong to the Chemo class – because these are the kind of herbs that are powerful enough to be used as chemotherapy. However, in TCM, these herbs can also be given at the non-toxic dose & that means they can be given long term like even years without toxicity.
Their recent formula is adding 4 antioxidants to the Chemo herbs.
The term antioxidants may not seem much but actually they are important because all 4 target the same Tumor suppressor gene.

The explanation Tumor suppressor is a little long but basically this gene functions well in normal people while patients get cancer because their tumor suppressor gene does not function or is not expressed.

However, that gene still exists in cancer patients and certain antioxidants have the ability to make the tumor suppressor reactivate & work again.
But no 2 antioxidants are the same and many will not do as ingredient for treatment – in other words, some antioxidants are better than the rest and those are the ones selected for this formula.

Also, this info is backed up by discovery and scientific research.
But my explanation is not enough, get info at their website .


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