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TOPIC: Various topics, experience

Various topics, experience 7 years 7 months ago #421

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Hi All,

1st questions: What cancer are we dealing with? Where is the person living/located? I need that info to give the best information.

I have been researching alternative cancer therapies for quite a few years and have tried 1 just for the experience of it (Gerson Therapy). I'm a healthcare practitioner (OT) of 16 years in the home health field and have had numerous clients with cancer over the years. I have also known several people who completely resolved their cancer using established alternative protocols. On the flip side of that, I have also had many who went the conventional way. Many of these people (most would be more accurate) either did not survive the treatment or had permanent loss in various functions with major loss of quality of life.

The chemo/radiation route with stage 4 cancers has an approx 2-3% success rate over 5 years (that rate decreases after 5 years). The number one side affect is reported to be more cancer, which makes perfect sense of you begin to grasp what cancer is and the environment it flourishes in. Alternative therapies have a significantly higher success rate with late stage 4 (this is when most people have been given the death sentence and then begin to seek out alternative methods). I have known several people in this category.

Efficacy of treatment methodology depends on the type (or location) of the cancer.

Quick sources:
1) Gerson Therapy - gerson.org and many books. Excellent efficacy for many types; not so good for others.
2) cancertutor.com - lots of info there.
3) Supplements to strongly consider taking immediately: Beta Glucan - has to be Transfer Point brand. Carnivora (carnivora.com). CBD oil hempmedspx.com. IV vitamin C or at least liposomal Vit C. Do not avoid the sun, however limit to 10-15 min daily exposure. Protandim available at http://www.protandim.com/what-is-protandim/ . Look into good probiotics such as Dr Ohhiras; proteolytic and digestive enzymes. You must juice: carrot (oxalic acid), Lemon, Granny Smith apples - lots of recipes out there. Juicer should be a press to avoid oxidation (i.e from spinning).

DO NOT consume or come in contact with sugar, synthetics or chemicals of any kind, refined products of any kind, plastics, chlorine, flouride, heavy metals, pastuerized juices, milk. Deodorant and toothpaste - coconut oil (can put a small amount of baking soda in the deodorant); soaps (body, laundry etc) -- use lightly and look into completely natural sources (castille and others).

4) http://www.dr-gonzalez.com/index.htm - in the NY area; highly recommend a visit if you can afford it.
5) cancerselfcure.com -- very unconventional however had a client and her good friend that both resolved their end stage breast cancer using this method.

Essential Oils: look into Frankincense

Lots more out there than this.
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Various topics, experience 7 years 7 months ago #494

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Hello Jon,

Thanks for your recommendations. To answer your first question, I have Stage IV small intestines cancer with a 15mm tumour on the Ileocecal valve and metastasis scattered throughout my abdominal cavity and beginning to dig into my lymphatic system. And yes, I have been given the death sentence, although I'm not interested in that at the moment. I am 2 weeks into chemo, a 2-4 month effort to knock it back as much as possible and curtail the spread quickly with the best the allopaths have to offer, then the plan is to stop and use the naturopathic/holistic approach to get me to my 100th birthday, although I have already begun this to support the chemo. I live in Seattle, where we have both the Hutchinson Cancer Institute and Bastyr University, a powerful combo.

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