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TOPIC: Karma (Actions and Deeds) - From, MAN! KNOW THYSELF

Karma (Actions and Deeds) - From, MAN! KNOW THYSELF 4 years 3 months ago #182

This is from page 13 and 14 of 'MAN! KNOW THYSELF a talk given by Sant Kirpal Singh (1894-1974) For Seekers After Truth' made into print.

"Each thought, each word and each deed has to be accounted for and compensated for in Nature. Every cause has an effect and every action brings about a reaction. Uproot the cause and the effect disappears. This has been done by the Masters who have transcended these laws, but all others are bound by the bonds of Karma, which is the root cause of physical existence and the clever device of Nature to maintain this existence. The law of Karma sees to it that we are paid an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, in the shape of joy or suffering. It is the goading whip in the hidden hands of Nature.

The mind contracts Karma, puts a covering on the soul and rules the body through the organs and the senses. Although it is the soul that imparts strength to the mind, the latter has assumed sovereignty and is governing the soul instead.

Control of the mind, therefore, is the first step to Spirituality. Victory over the mind is victory over the world. Even accomplished yogis and mystics who can transcend to relatively high spiritual realms are not left untouched by the hand of Karma."

(viewpoints of this book are not necessarily agreed with or being promoted - this is just a share. Take with you what resonates and leave behind what doesn't)
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Karma and more - More on Karman from another book "THE MYSTERY OF DEATH" by the same author 4 years 3 months ago #236

Some more words to ponder....

This is from another book by Kirpal Singh, The Mystery of Death page 109 through 111..Chapter 5.

"And God said, "Let there be Light"; and there was Light. - Genesis 1:3

And this is the true Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world. And Light is the life of men.

In memorable words like these, all the scriptures, describe the genesis or creation of the world and all that is in the world. Rays of Light vibrating with the Music of Life, emanating from the Formless Absolute Existence came to manifest the world in its variegated colors in countless shapes and forms.

As above, so below.

The Spirit and Power of God manifested in the vibrating holy Light, pervades all the four Grand Divisions of the Universe: Sach Khand, the Abode of Truth or the Changeless Permanence in Its pristine purity, with the material cause (the Mind) yet hidden and involved therein; the Brahmand or the "Egg of Brahm", the second Grand Division of the Universe, of elemental essence, brought into being by the Universal Mind by the Will of the Supreme Being, and the next, downwards, Und, or the Third Grand Division, called the "astral world" with Mind-stuff in its subtle state; and, lastly, Pind, or the physical world, the fourth Grand Division, the handiwork of the gross mind.

During our sojourn on the earth plane, we work out our destiny or fate, as planned with great precision and exactitude by what are called Pralabdh (or Prarabdh)Karmas, which determine in broad outline the general framework marking the duration and course of life in each cause. This earth-plane is a big counting house or a clearing office so to say, in which each one has to square up his or her account, coming down through the ages; and, in doing so, we willy-nilly open fresh accounts and thereby raise credits and debits to be paid off and cleared in the distant future, and no one knows how, or when, or in what form, or in what manner. Thus, while reaping the harvest sown in the past, we prepare the ground for fresh sowing, in season and out of season, with seeds which are good, bad, or indifferent; and all this we do promiscuously, prompted by the mind and the physical senses.

The sages call the earth-plane karma kshetra, or the field of actions, where sowing and harvesting automatically go on all the time, under the superintendence, direction and control of Dharam Rai, the King of Shadows, who measures and Judges each thought, word and deed, however trivial and insignificant it may appear to be, rightly and justly, and administers Justice to each at the end of one's life-span. Nanak [guru nanak] calls this region Dharma Khand, for each pilgrim soul coming to this region has to realize in fullness the existence of the Law of Retribution and Requital, which governs all alike with no favors and no exceptions.

Each soul is burdened with the weight of his own acts and deeds, and learns, sometimes with hard blows and heavy knocks, the grand lesson of Brahm, the Lord of the three realms: the gross or physical world; the subtle or astral world; and the causal or instrumental world (Pind, Und and Brahmand); all of which are the mind-zones of the Universal Mind, with the numberless planes and subplanes, including inter alia various Hells and Heavens with intermediate stages as one may create by one's senses, sensibilities and susceptibilities, likes and dislikes, loves and hatreds, prides and prejudices, born of desires of one kind or the other.

Each soul thus builds his own habitat, and not only here on earth but also in the hereafter; in the astral and causal worlds, where one's impressions are stored up which have been gathered from time to time, in different incarnations from the beginning of time. All these impressions linger in the soul in the form of general latencies in the fold of the karmic body. Thus, "destiny is cast into the mold before the physical vesture is prepared", to work out the causes involved therein.
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